Business Combinations

Business Combinations,

How Do You Define Business Combinations?

  1. A combination of two institutions. According to the accounting base, it is assumed that one company acquires another company and there is a new basis for recognizing the assets and liabilities of the acquired company. In the event of an interesting exchange, the two entities will merge through an exchange of common shares and contact assets or liabilities.

Literal Meanings of Business Combinations


Meanings of Business:
  1. Possession, possession or routine possession of a person.

  2. Practice professional life.

  3. A case or series of events that is usually embarrassing or disgraceful.

  4. Actions other than dialogue by actors.

Sentences of Business
  1. He will keep smiling a lot in his business

Synonyms of Business

buying and selling, craft, trafficking, situation, circumstance, set of circumstances, merchandising, episode, experience, issue, profession, occasion, position, pursuit, adventure, event, work, bargaining, occurrence, occupation, field, interlude, happening, career, line


Meanings of Combinations:
  1. Assemble or cast different parts or features where individual components are different.

  2. The sequence of numbers or letters that unlocks the compound lock.

  3. The motorcycle is attached to the sidewalk.

  4. The same underwear that covers the body and legs.

  5. Regardless of the order, choose a specific number of articles in large numbers.

Sentences of Combinations
  1. A beautiful combination of theater, dance and music

  2. Below the picture is a safe: Collection 210319

  3. Running in a bespoke motorcycle and a sidikar combo is a familiar sport, but it is inherently dangerous.

  4. His last post was on combinations, where he used (M, N) hints to combine selected N items from M items.

Synonyms of Combinations

incorporation, weave, amalgam, composition, merger, fusion, concoction, coalition, mix, mingling, synthesis, integration, marriage, compound, amalgamation, fusing, alloy, composite, meld, pooling, conjunction, blend, mixture, coalescence, union