Business case

Business case,

Definition of Business case:

  1. The reasons for the proposed plan or business are based on the expected business benefits.

  2. Types of decision-making tools that determine the impact of a particular decision on profitability. In business, it is important to show how decisions change the flow of cash from time to time and how costs and revenues change. Special attention is paid to the internal rate of return (IRR), cash flow and payment term. An analysis of the financial consequences of choosing other suppliers to sell the company's products is an example of a business case.

How to use Business case in a sentence?

  1. We need to provide a business manager because we need training.
  2. Knowing all the details of the business case will help you to predict the possible outcome more accurately.
  3. We need to define the business case for our own business to understand how profitable we all will be in the future.
  4. Business is a useful tool for referring to the story that the moderator focuses on during his presentation.

Meaning of Business case & Business case Definition