Business Banking

Business Banking,

Definition of Business Banking:

  • Commercial banking services are financial transactions between companies and institutions that examine accounts created specifically for business, rather than corporate loans, credits, savings accounts and individuals.

    • Commercial banking is a set of services that banks provide to companies or corporations.
    • Services offered as part of commercial banking services include loans, credit, savings accounts and checking accounts, all designed specifically for business.
    • Banks can offer banking services to businesses, individuals and investors under one roof.
    • The largest US bank by assets is JPMorgan Chase.

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Meanings of Business:
  1. Possession, occupation or habit of a person.

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Sentences of Business
  1. He will keep smiling a lot in his business

Synonyms of Business

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Meanings of Banking:
  1. Activities or services offered by the bank.

  2. Artificial bank or landfill.

  3. Use another locomotive to add extra power to the train going up.

Sentences of Banking
  1. With this account you are entitled to free bank

  2. Four motors of this class are used for bank operations

Synonyms of Banking

money, business, monetary, banking, pecuniary, accounting, investment, commercial, fiscal, budgetary, economic