Business Auto

Business Auto,

How To Define Business Auto?

Coverage for motor vehicles, except for garage vehicles that are for sale. Business car stocks include individual or combined coverage.

Literal Meanings of Business Auto


Meanings of Business:
  1. A person who performs his work, profession or profession.

  2. The tradition of earning a living is to talk.

  3. A matter or series of events, usually embarrassing or embarrassing.

  4. Different actions from dialogues by actors.

  5. Severe verbal criticism.

Sentences of Business
  1. He will definitely be smiling a lot in his business

  2. Jewelry trade

Synonyms of Business

affair, thing, employment, merchandising, happening, position, episode, job, trading, set of circumstances, trafficking, occupation, buying and selling, pursuit, situation, dealing, occurrence, profession, day job, incident, trade, craft, work


Meanings of Auto:
  1. A basket

  2. Automatic abbreviation (name means 3)

Synonyms of Auto

motor, machine, automobile