Bushka Meaning

Bushka Meaning

What does Buschka mean?

Bushka means a beautiful face or sometimes a kiss in Polish.

I've heard of women's shawls. I'm sure Bushka wears Babushka, a very beautiful woman because she is no longer a farmer. Probably not the top button. Maybe half a CL. I do not know. Why are you asking me This is my best guess. Do I only get one point?


It is a type of hair covering. My Polish mother calls it when I wear a scarf on my head.

Sorry, maybe this is Babashka now when I'm thinking about it.

Bushka basically means everything. It can be used as a synonym for sweet child and can be a substitute for almost any word.

BUZKA literally means beautiful face or beautiful face in Polish.

I know Bishkek is a name and a city in an unknown country, I'm not sure that's a real word.

Bushka Meaning