Definition of Bushel:

  1. Traditional measure of capacity (volume) of a container, specially for dry commodities or produce such as fruits, vegetables, or grains. In the UK, a bushel equals 2219.36 cubic inches (36.37 liters) or 8.0 imperial gallons. In the US (where it is called Winchester bushel) it equals 2150.42 cubic inches (35.24 liters) or about 9.3 US gallons.

  2. A container with the capacity of a bushel.

  3. A measure of capacity equal to 64 US pints (equivalent to 35.2 liters), used for dry goods.

  4. A measure of capacity equal to 8 imperial gallons (equivalent to 36.4 liters), used for dry goods and liquids.

How to use Bushel in a sentence?

  1. If you are selling fruits sometimes you will just sell them by the bushel instead of breaking it down to the weight.
  2. There was a dry bushel of leaves in the backyard that I had to clean up before my brother got home.
  3. Packing oysters into bushel baskets.
  4. Agronomist Roger Elmore, Ph.D., and his colleagues calculated those losses equal to about 3 bushels per acre.
  5. When dealing with certain products it can save you a lot of time to just sell them by the bushel instead of by the weight.

Meaning of Bushel & Bushel Definition