Definition of Bus:

  1. Transport in a communal road vehicle.

  2. Remove (dirty tableware) from a table in a restaurant or cafeteria.

  3. A distinct set of conductors carrying data and control signals within a computer system, to which pieces of equipment may be connected in parallel.

  4. A large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, typically one serving the public on a fixed route and for a fare.

  5. Component that serves as a conducting pathway for continuous connection between different parts of an electrical or electronic device. In a computer, for example, a bus provides a permanent interconnection among the main parts: central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), and storage devices.

Synonyms of Bus

Auto, Autobus, Autocar, Automobile, Barge, Bicycle, Bike, Boat, Buggy, Cab, Car, Cart, Catch a train, Chartered bus, Chauffeur, Coach, Crate, Cycle, Diligence, Double-decker, Dray, Drive, Entrain, Ferry, Float, Go by rail, Hack, Haul, Heap, Hired car, Jalopy, Jitney, Joyride, Lighter, Machine, Mail coach, Make a train, Motor, Motor coach, Motor vehicle, Motorbus, Motorcar, Motorcycle, Motorized vehicle, Omnibus, Pedal, Post coach, Raft, Ride, Ship, Sled, Sledge, Stage, Stagecoach, Take a joyride, Taxi, Taxicab, Truck, Tub, Van, Voiture, Wagon, Wheel, Wheelbarrow, Wheels, Wreck, Bus, Minibus, Van

How to use Bus in a sentence?

  1. Managerial staff was bused in and out of the factory.
  2. A bus service.
  3. Id never bused so many dishes in one night.
  4. A computer system includes a bus interface with a plurality of data buffers.

Meaning of Bus & Bus Definition