Burt's Bee Expiry Date

Burt's Bee Expiry Date

Is it bad to use expired Burts bee lip balm? 3

I bought Brits Base Lip Balm. SPF

I have not set an expiration date. Ending this month. Will something bad happen?

Nothing bad will happen

Keep using it until it runs out.

These things usually get better a few months after the expiration date.

do not worry

Of course not, if you are not used to it you can give him an ulcer or a cold.

These products usually have better usage dates, ie higher quality, but can still be used later :)

Don't be silly, nothing will happen, you won't vomit or poison yourself :) Everything will be fine!

I don't think anything happens in life, but it's better to use exp. Dates with masks are more important, but I think most makeup needs to be removed after a year.

Burt's Bee Expiry Date