Bureaucratic organization

Bureaucratic organization,

Definition of Bureaucratic organization:

  1. A type of business structure popular among governments and public administrations that were influenced by the thinking of Max Weber. Although often associated with excessive paperwork in modern times, a bureaucratic organization was originally intended to have a hierarchical or pyramidal structure to help achieve the most rational and efficient operation at the lowest cost.

How to use Bureaucratic organization in a sentence?

  1. When Sandra wanted to make a simple change in her work process she realized that her company was a very bureaucratic organization when she was informed that she had to fill out certain forms that would be reviewed by her superiors who would then pass the suggestions along to Human Resources who then may call her to discuss her suggestion.
  2. I did not like being part of the bureaucratic organization because it made me feel as though I was not making my own decisions.
  3. You should try to keep things running like a bureaucratic organization so that everyone always knows where they stand at all times.

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