Definition of Burden:

  1. Obligations such as taxes, interest paid, fines or expenses that cannot be allocated or appropriated such as direct expenses, such as indirect expenses. See also physical stress.

  2. Singing syllabus or song

  3. A load, usually heavy.

  4. Too much weight.

  5. The main title or topic of a speech, book or argument.

Synonyms of Burden

Plus, Overdrive, Repetend, Attach, Chest voice, Weigh upon, Substance, Octet, Thrust, Cargo, Sense, Paste on, Criminality, Poundage, Development, Meat, Rhyme royal, Decorate, Tailpiece, Peck of troubles, Cartload, Bounden duty, Line of duty, Incumbency, Burthen, Passage, Arraignableness, Couplet, Must, Charging, Bottle, Call of duty, Plague, Evil, Implication, Subject, Mission, Folderol, Nemesis, Stack, Business, Complicity, Embarrass, Disquiet, Pentastich, Hobble, Clog, Superincumbency, Heptastich, Voce di petto, Limit, Involve, Ritornello, Put upon, Place, Overburden, Devoir, Ought, Respect, Deference, Burden, Content, Disturb, Tangle, Toil, Indictableness, Haunt, Culpability, Demand, Stowage, Conjoin, Harm, Drone, Infliction, Matter in hand, Variation, Thrust, Anacrusis, Essence, Harmonic close, Capacity, Strain, Red-handedness, Thesis, Significance, Bugbear, Matter, Press hard upon, Distress, Response, Gist, Lie on, Infix, Glue on, Overweight, Lade, Envoi, Weigh on, Verse, Box, Room, Self-imposed duty, Hexastich, Bitter draft, Impose, Waters of bitterness, Complicate, Embarrassment, Exposition, Undersong, Devotion, Cadence, Censurableness, Point at issue, Subjoin, Heap up, Sea of troubles, Put down, Spenserian stanza, Pocket, Pack, Fag, Ensnarl, Disease, Enjoin, Impedimenta, Falsetto, Fealty, Unite with, Dedication, Crush one, Freight with, Treble, Cordage, Lay, Grievance, Load, Yoke with, Topic, Reprehensibility, Cripple, Wear out, Voce, Basis, Death, Visitation, Loading, Overtaxing, Affix, Entrap, Sweat, Encumbrance, Interlude, Period, Torment, Inculpation, Inflict upon, Section, Bitter pill, Entwine, Exact, Intermezzo, Strophe, Pack away, Press down, Allegiance, Tack on, Agitate, Voce di testa, Issue, Coda, Tenor, Bear hard upon, Imposition, Reproachableness, Shackle, Accommodation, Focus of interest, Terza rima, Living issue, Blameworthiness, Intention, Indictability, Inconvenience, Running sore, Net, Space, Haul, Quantity, Octave, Reprovableness, Oppression, Annex, Stow, Lading, Tax, Truckload, Load, Obligation, Cargo, Woe, Scourge, Tag, Involvement, Rest hard upon, Suffix, Bag, Volume, Impose upon, Essence, Hamstring, Amount, Tercet, Freight, Measure, Loyalty, Meaning, Impeachableness, Perturb, Bass passage, Cumbrance, Set, Discomfort, Quatrain, Difficulty, Lumber, Text, Drone bass, Millstone, Tag on, Go ill with, Pack of troubles, Burden of care, Crate, Repeat, Weigh heavy on, Incubus, Coloratura, Cankerworm of care, Commitment, Octastich, Substance, Pestilence, Saddle, Vexation, Afflict, Lame, Movement, Guilty conscience, Motive, Phrase, Trouble, Fetter, Pest, Add, Lay on, Put on, Barrel, Entrammel, Division, Tutti passage, Oppress, Duties and responsibilities, Task, Ethics, Upshot, Bitter draught, Join with, Postfix, Slap on, Implication, Body, Spirit, Affliction, Gall and wormwood, Case, Trainload, Bloody hands, Canto, Surcharge, Question, Superpose, Crushing burden, Busy, Dirty hands, Head, Distich, Thorn, Handicap, Mass, Sextet, Charge, Hitch on, Focus of attention, Duty, Statement, Burdening, Bridge, Gravamen, Penalty, Calamity, Put to it, Impeachability, Can, Deadweight, Taxing, Assigned task, Pile, Weigh down, Ditto, Weight, Imperative, Purport, Rubric, Overwork, Weary, Adjoin, Refrain, Impede, Agglutinate, Gist, Cross, Load with care, Prey on, Reprovability, Freight, Disadvantage, Fill, Chant, Voice, Septet, Inflict on, Tonnage, Point in question, Censurability, Drive, Guiltiness, Curse, Superadd, Overweigh, Charge, Bitter cup, Problem, Tristich, Trailerload, Head voice, Overtask, Put, Ottava rima, Fasten upon, Line, Purport, Sorrow, Weight, Bourdon, Heap, Motif, Payload, Drift, Bother, Trammel, Haunt the memory, Obsess, Ship, Encumber, Bear down on, Arraignability, Strain, Epode, Refrain, Bis, Heading, Bale, Upset, Guilt, Store, Part, Ornament, Impose on, Chargeability, Shipload, Load, Monostich, Vanload, Introductory phrase, Figure, Tire, Import, Pressure, Prefix, Signification, Cumber, Entangle, Sestet, Crown of thorns, Levy, Overtax, Care, Exhaust, Chorus, Pith, Weight down, Subject to, Syllable, Open wound, Try one, Hamper, Antistrophe, Work, Peccancy, Overweighting, Message, Keep busy, Bob, Impediment, Bass, Tutti, Saddling, Entoil, Snarl, White elephant, Subject of thought, Weight, Cramp, Tetrastich, Homage, Resolution, Carload, Chapter, Main point, Enmesh, Musical phrase, Weigh, Saddle with, Weight down with, Destruction, Theme, Triplet, Burden with, Lime, Book, Gall, Put with, Go hard with, Bane, Concern, Onus, Drag, Stave, Musical sentence, Albatross, Overload, Append, Sack, Stanza, Subject matter, Point

How to use Burden in a sentence?

  1. The weight of your feedback.
  2. He proceeded with the wooden box.
  3. Summer and winter taxes on my second home in California were so high that I had to sell them.
  4. The tax burden on small businesses is too high and budgets are shrinking, forcing them to close their doors forever.
  5. And I put my heavy trunk in good hands, went to my seat and rested.
  6. A person who lost his parents as a teenager and is also physically disabled has borne a heavy burden all his life. Today, America's debt is a huge burden.
  7. This happened in many cultures and times, for example, in medieval chapels, where the charge was Part A.

Meaning of Burden & Burden Definition

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