Burako Reglas

Burako Reglas

Braco Rolls? 3

Different from numeric values ​​... PLIS Regulation!


Considering Braco's general rules of the game for its tournaments, the following issues have been agreed upon for the game:

The winner of the game is the pair that reaches or exceeds the first 3,000 points.

If both pairs hit the target, I will sing or count the pair with the highest I (end of hand).

In the case of a tie, a hand is played to make the tie.

There is no minimum requirement to download the game.

It is forbidden to talk or consult with opposing partners during the development of the game.

No notification is required to close the game.

Can be covered with a clean or dirty basket.

The player who has the hand can hold it when he takes the first piece or put it back in the pot and take the second piece.

Can be turned off even if the partners have not played the dummy. In this case, 100 points will be deducted (according to not buying a leaf)

A clean basket can be replaced with an unclean basket or vice versa.

Can be turned off by playing wild card.

To buy utensils, there must be at least 5 chips between the table and the utensils.

Chips played, chips played (I should buy a pot if I touch the chips from the pot, I have to take it back if I touch the chips from the deck)

Chips size 11 or less must always be on and off the board.

To close or leave Manicone, I have to show other players a blank board.

If you collect chips in the deck, the hand runs out and you get chips in the pot.

No. 1 cannot be repeated on the stairs.

Anyone who buys a doll can still buy a font.

You can't keep two feet.

At the end of the hand, the pair in the hand counts the points first and then the second pair. After collecting points, a score sheet is signed on each hand (one pair per pair throughout the game).

During the development of the game and in the event of a dispute between the couples to decide on regulatory matters, the supervisor is the only one with the power to determine how to resolve the situation.

What is not in this rule should not be considered as affirmation or denial, especially the situation of the girl which may arise during the development of the game.

Individuals or partners who do not plan according to these rules will automatically be eliminated from the competition.

If there are 2 wildcards, the wildcard can mess up and take its proper place.

It is impossible to adjust the chips that the company leaves if the player who drops them clearly states his position.

Showing fake chips or games is prohibited.

aa) If the game is lost incorrectly, these chips will be removed from your hand and will be counted at the end of the game. On the other hand, a player who bites badly cannot close or buy a doll in that hand (if he does not).

bb) Supported pieces are considered played.


1 A judge who plays chips or holds a pair of wings and will aggressively throw all the chips under and above the table.

Cut without 2 baskets: The cutter counts against all of the player's chips (on the table and table) and gives his teammate 200 points (against all). If they don't die, they refuse another 100 points.

And the chips on the table and board are added to support the opposing pair, plus 200 points to support. If you don't feel like dying, your 100 points will help.

3 Two neutral delegates and / or captains are appointed if required. What they achieve cannot be challenged.

4 Meeting rules are shown ahead of schedule.

5 All players must be up to date with their respective membership.

6 Substitutes must re-register within 96 hours of playing the first game. Pursue it. Otherwise the game will be lost at the hands of alternatives.

7 countries with more than one team can have the same roster of alternatives.

8 As soon as a substitute joins a team for the third time, he is replaced and cannot play for another team.

9 WO Restrictions:

a) If a team has three WO-Alts with one of its partners, it must pay a monthly subscription.

B) If a team has five alternative WOs with which they have a partner, they will have to pay monthly.

C) If a team has seven partners with one of the OS, it should be on a monthly subscription basis. Even out of the tournament

d) If a team has three consecutive OS with one partner, it should be on a monthly subscription basis. Excluded from the tournament.

E) In case a team has WO with one of its partners within three tournament dates, it must be in accordance with the monthly membership status of the trust and the alternatives contained therein.


Every couple should do their own bra. Couples who, for whatever reason, do not show up, must check that La Liga will lend them money and return it in the condition in which it was received.

The captain must fax the full match report to the league within 24 hours. Instead, the game is lost after the meeting.

The captain of the team has the power to question in good faith the identity of the opponent who is on the list.

After the end of each game, the pair must leave the game room or remain silent.


I only have K and two in my hand, I'm trying to get K because it works for me and it doesn't allow me, it tells me I still can't cut it, what does that mean ?

Each player is dealt 11 cards and 2 pots of 11 cards are made, which are set aside.

Played with 2, 3, 4 or 6 people, if played with 4 or 6 people, played in pairs.

The goal of the game is to lower the cards in your hand (make stairs or feet) and raise the braco (ie the pits that are left behind).

Wild Card 2 and Wild Card.

The net basket costs 500, the unclean 300 and the pieces 100.

Tell me not to stop playing because you are taken care of.

Congratulations !!!!! 11111111.

Burako Reglas