Definition of Bunkering:

  1. Fill the fuel containers of (a ship); refuel.

  2. Take refuge in a bunker or other shelter.

  3. A reinforced underground shelter, typically for use in wartime.

  4. Replenishment of a ships fuel.

  5. A large container or compartment for storing fuel.

  6. (of a player) have ones ball lodged in a bunker.

  7. A hollow filled with sand, used as an obstacle on a golf course.

Synonyms of Bunkering

Manger, Stall, Trough, Feeding trough, Bin, Box, Rack, Fodder rack, Bunker

How to use Bunkering in a sentence?

  1. His family had bunkered down inside their home.
  2. A coal bunker.
  3. He was bunkered at the fifth hole.
  4. Sand bunkers are a growing concern for golf course superintendents, right along with the conditions of greens.
  5. Major islands in the group remain heavily fortified with most soldiers hiding in underground concrete bunkers that snake for miles underneath the surface.
  6. The boat was fully provisioned and bunkered with fuel, food and water as per normal for a fishing trip which might last up to ten days.

Meaning of Bunkering & Bunkering Definition