Definition of Bundle:

  1. A collection of things or quantity of material tied or wrapped up together.

  2. Two or more articles or packages fastened or wrapped together to be shipped or sold as one unit.

  3. Two reams (1000 sheets) of paper.

  4. Tie or roll up (a number of things) together as though into a parcel.

  5. Package (called strip) of consecutive futures contracts, used in hedging or in speculating on the anticipated changes in the price of the underlying asset.

  6. Push or carry forcibly.

  7. Sleep fully clothed with another person, as a former local custom during courtship.

Synonyms of Bundle

Accelerate, Amble, Array, Bale, Band, Bandage, Barge, Batch, Belt, Bend, Bind, Bind up, Bindle, Body, Bolt, Bomb, Boodle, Bouquet, Bow out, Bowl along, Brace, Budget, Bunch, Bundle off, Bundle up, Bustle, Chain, Chase, Cinch, Clump, Cluster, Collect, Collection, Croodle, Crowd, Cuddle, Cuddle up, Curl up, Dash, Dash off, Dash on, Decamp, Deck, Dismiss, Dispatch, Do up, Double-time, Drag, Drive on, Expedite, Fagot, Fardel, Fasces, Fascine, Festinate, Float, Flounce, Foot, Footslog, Forward, Gather together, Get going, Get moving, Gird, Girdle, Girt, Girth, Give a start, Give the air, Give the gate, Halt, Haste, Hasten, Hasten on, Hie on, Hippety-hop, Hitch, Hobble, Hop, Hurry, Hurry along, Hurry on, Hurry through, Hurry up, Hurry-scurry, Hustle, Hustle out, Hustle up, Jog, Jolt, Jump, Kick off, Lace, Lap, Lash, Launch, Leap, Leash, Limp, Lose no time, Lot, Lumber, Lunge, Lurch, Make haste, Mince, Mint, Move quickly, Nestle, Nosegay, Nuzzle, Pace, Pack, Pack off, Package, Packet, Paddle, Parcel, Peg, Piaffe, Piaffer, Pile, Plod, Plunge, Post, Posy, Pot, Prance, Precipitate, Press, Press on, Push, Push on, Push through, Put in motion, Quicken, Quiver, Race, Rack, Railroad through, Roll, Roll up, Rope, Rouleau, Run, Rush, Rush along, Rush through, Sashay, Saunter, Scamper, Scramble, Scuff, Scuffle, Scurry, Scuttle, Send, Send away, Send forth, Send off, Send packing, Set, Set afloat, Set agoing, Set going, Set in motion, Set on foot, Shamble, Sheaf, Show the door, Show the gate, Shuffle, Sidle, Single-foot, Skip, Slink, Slither, Slog, Slouch, Snug up, Snuggle, Snuggle up to, Speed, Speed along, Speed up, Splice, Spur, Spurt, Stagger, Stalk, Stamp, Stampede, Start, Start going, Start off, Start up, Stomp, Straddle, Straggle, Strap, Stride, Stroll, Strut, Stump, Swaddle, Swagger, Swathe, Swing, Tear, Tie, Tie up, Tittup, Toddle, Totter, Traipse, Trip, Trudge, Truss, Truss up, Turn away, Turn off, Urge, Wad, Waddle, Wamble, Whip, Whip along, Wiggle, Wire, Wobble, Wrap, Wrap up, Hustle, Jostle, Manhandle, Frogmarch, Sweep, Throw, Hurry, Rush, Tie, Tie up, Tie together, Do up, Pack, Pack up, Pack together, Package, Parcel, Parcel up, Packet, Wrap, Wrap up, Roll, Roll up, Wind up, Fold, Fold up, Furl, Bind, Bind up, Fasten together, Bale, Truss, Truss up, Bunch, Roll, Clump, Wad, Parcel, Packet, Package, Pack, Sheaf, Bale, Bolt, Truss, Fascicle

How to use Bundle in a sentence?

  1. He stopped occasionally in the villages to dance at country frolics, and bundle with the lasses.
  2. She quickly bundled up her clothes.
  3. A thick bundle of envelopes.

Meaning of Bundle & Bundle Definition

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Bundle Meanings:

Bundle refers to Any inventory item containing one or more items assigned the same inventory number. A package can include multiple items due to multiple costs or related parts.

Meanings of Bundle

  1. Tie or wrap as a package (various items).

  2. Pressure or coercion.

  3. Sleeping fully clothed with another person, as is the old local custom when dating.

  4. A combination of things or a lot of material bound or wrapped.

Sentences of Bundle

  1. Fix your clothes quickly, yours

  2. Sometimes he would stop in the village to dance in the fields and join the girls

  3. A large package of envelopes

Synonyms of Bundle

box , wad , package , pile , cluster , array , group , lot , crate , stack , packet , pallet , heap , mass , bale , quantity , clump , batch , assortment , carton , bag


What is The Meaning of Bundle?

  • Any inventory item containing one or more items assigned the same inventory number. A package may include more than one item due to multiple costs or related parts.

Meanings of Bundle

  1. A collection of items or many binding or packaged materials.

  2. Pack or wrap like a package (many things).

  3. Forced, rushed, or carelessly pushed, loaded, or sent.

  4. Sleep with each other fully clothed, as is the old local custom.

Sentences of Bundle

  1. Pack your clothes quickly.

  2. They put him in the van

  3. From time to time she stops in the villages to dance in village sports and joins young women.

Synonyms of Bundle

impel, pack (up), wodge, propel, truss (up), parcel (up), load, bind (up), armful, tie (up), accumulation, agglomeration, roll (up), wrap (up), fold (up), shove, thrust