Definition of Bullpen:

  1. A slang term used in different office buildings to describe a workspace filled with desks, rather than separating walls. In a brokerage house, younger brokers are typically in the bullpen, and experienced brokers and advisors have their own offices.

  2. The idea behind bullpen seating is that a class of recent hires will join the firm at approximately the same time, undergo training together, and then work together to gain experience more rapidly. Bullpen seating also serves as an informal status system, in which employees must work their way up to earn more luxurious working environments. It can also reference the financial term "bull," an investor or trader who takes an optimistic perspective on the market.

  3. The term bullpen is informal for an area where junior employees are grouped together in a single room. Senior employees graduate to more spacious work arrangements or individual offices. A bullpen seating arrangement is common in specific financial fields, particularly investment banking and investment management, where lower-level analysts perform similar functions.

How to use Bullpen in a sentence?

  1. A bullpen is a slang term describing the shared, open space among junior staff members.
  2. Some disadvantages to bullpens are compromised privacy and division.
  3. Some advantages to bullpens are enhanced camaraderie and a strong work culture.

Meaning of Bullpen & Bullpen Definition