Definition of Bullion:

  1. To create bullion, gold first must be discovered by mining companies and removed from the earth in the form of gold ore, a combination of gold and mineralized rock. The gold is then extracted from the ore with the use of chemicals or extreme heat. The resulting pure bullion is also called "parted bullion." Bullion that contains more than one type of metal, is called "unparted bullion.".

  2. Ornamental braid or trimming made with twists of gold or silver thread.

  3. Gold or silver in bulk before coining, or valued by weight.

  4. Bullion is gold and silver that is officially recognized as being at least 99.5% pure and is in the form of bars or ingots. Bullion is often kept as a reserve asset by governments and central banks.

  5. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) in the shape of bars or ingots, but not as coins. In common usage, bullion refers only to gold in bulk.

Synonyms of Bullion

Bar, Button, Cast, Casting, Coin gold, Coin silver, Copper, Earth metals, Gate, Gold, Gold dust, Gold nugget, Ingot, Metal, Metal foil, Metal leaf, Metalleity, Metallicity, Metallics, Metalloid, Metalware, Metalwork, Native metals, Nickel, Noble metals, Nugget, Pig, Precious metals, Rare metals, Regulus, Semimetal, Sheet metal, Silver, Sow, Yellow stuff, Cord, Cording, Braiding, Bullion, Thread, Twine, Yarn, Tape, Binding, Rickrack, Ribbon

How to use Bullion in a sentence?

  1. Bullion cords.
  2. Bullion can sometimes be considered legal tender, and is often held as reserves by central banks or held by institutional investors.
  3. Investors can buy or sell bullion through dealers who are active on one of several global bullion markets.
  4. Investing in gold and silver bullion can more easily be accomplished via exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or futures contracts.
  5. Bullion refers to physical gold and silver of high purity that is often kept in the form of bars, ingots, or coins.
  6. Gold bullion.

Meaning of Bullion & Bullion Definition


BULLION Definition:

  • Gold and / or silver are considered metals. There are coins in it, but they are not valued as coins. (See numeric features)

Meanings of BULLION

  1. Large quantities of gold or silver before being minted or graded by weight.

  2. Jewelry or ornaments made of gold or silver thread.

Sentences of BULLION

  1. Gold brick

  2. Gold brick


BULLION: What is the Meaning of BULLION?

  1. Gold and / or silver are considered metals because of their value. Contains coins but does not value them as coins. (See Statistical Features).

Meanings of BULLION

  1. Bulk gold or silver by weight or before sorting.

  2. Decorative border or edge of gold or silver threads.

Sentences of BULLION

  1. Gold Bar China


What is BULLION?

  • Gold and / or silver are considered metals because of their value. Coins are included but their value is not considered coins. (See Numerical Features).

Meanings of BULLION

  1. Before sorting bulk gold or silver by mint or weight.

  2. Decorative border or fringe of gold or silver threads.