Definition of Bulletin:

  1. Brief official explanation or news summary.

  2. A type of occasional or corrupt brochure, usually published by an agency or other organization for advertising or news.

Synonyms of Bulletin

Piece, Proceedings, Flash, Gen, The know, The scoop, News item, Enlightenment, Light, Evidence, The dope, Briefing, Acquaintance, Familiarization, Accounting, Statement, Presentation, Account, White paper, Yearbook, Release, Data, Mention, Word, Message, Returns, Instruction, Datum, Info, Dispatch, Blue book, Annual, Minutes, Dispatch, Flash, Acta, Brief, The record, Information, Account, Hard information, Message, Newscast, Handout, Communique, Knowledge, Press release, Transactions, Transmission, Announcement, White book, Newsflash, Tally, Story, Guidebook, Report, Facts, Communiqué, News report, Statement, Census report, News report, Intelligence, Notice, Publicity, The goods, Directory, Notification, Incidental information, Headlines, Proof, Promotional material, Press release, Notification, Election returns, Account rendered, Announcement, General information, Publication, News, Sidelight, Communication, Factual information, Communication, Report

How to use Bulletin in a sentence?

  1. 90 years ago, there were no television pictures, radio programs or newsletters on the Internet to get instant news from around the world.

Meaning of Bulletin & Bulletin Definition