Definition of Bull:

  1. Dealer, investor, or speculator who expects the prices of commodities or securities to increase in the near future and, therefore, buys (constructs) an investment portfolio in the hope of selling it later at a higher price. See also bear.

Synonyms of Bull

Brahman, Dogberry, Indian buffalo, Irish bull, John Law, Pastoral Epistle, Aerogram, Air letter, Airgraph, Anacoluthon, Andric, Appointment, Assault, Aurochs, Babble, Balderdash, Balls, Baloney, Bear, Bear the market, Bear upon, Beef, Beef cattle, Beeves, Big, Bilge, Billet-doux, Billy, Billy goat, Bison, Blabber, Blague, Blah, Blah-blah, Blather, Blatherskite, Blooper, Bluebottle, Bluecoat, Blunder, Boar, Bobby, Boner, Boost, Bop, Bosh, Bossy, Bovine, Bovine animal, Brevet, Bubbly-jock, Buck, Buffalo, Bull account, Bull the market, Bulldoze, Bullock, Bullshit, Bump, Bump against, Bungle, Bunk, Bunkum, Bunt, Butt, Butt against, Calf, Carabao, Catachresis, Cattle, Chain letter, Chanticleer, Claptrap, Cock, Cockerel, Commandant, Constable, Cop, Copper, Cow, Cram, Crap, Critter, Crowd, Custodian, Dairy cattle, Dairy cow, Dead letter, Declaration, Decree, Decree-law, Decreement, Decretal, Decretum, Dick, Dictum, Dig, Diktat, Dimissorial, Dimissory letter, Dog, Dogie, Drake, Drive, Drivel, Drool, Drop letter, Edict, Edictum, Elbow, Encyclical, Entire, Entire horse, Eyewash, Fan letter, Fat, Fiat, Flam, Flapdoodle, Flatfoot, Flattie, Flimflam, Fluff, Folk etymology, Force, Form letter, Fuzz, Gabble, Gammon, Gander, Gaoler, Gas, Gendarme, Gentlemanlike, Gentlemanly, Gibber, Gibble-gabble, Goad, Gobbler, Governor, Grammatical error, Great, Guard, Guardian, Guff, Gumshoe, Gup, Hart, He-goat, Heifer, Hogwash, Hoke, Hokum, Hooey, Hornless cow, Hot air, Humbug, Humbuggery, Hurtle, Husky, Hustle, Hypercorrection, Hyperform, Ipse dixit, Jab, Jabber, Jailer, Jam, Jiggery-pokery, Jog, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Keeper, Kine, Lapse, Law, Leppy, Letter of credit, Letter of introduction, Letters credential, Letters of marque, Letters of request, Letters overt, Letters patent, Letters rogatory, Long, Long account, Long interest, Long side, Longs, Love letter, Malaprop, Malapropism, Malarkey, Male, Manful, Manipulate the market, Manlike, Manly, Mannish, Marrowsky, Masculine, Maverick, Milch cow, Milcher, Milk cow, Milker, Mispronunciation, Missaying, Mistake, Misusage, Monitory, Moonshine, Muley cow, Muley head, Musk-ox, Neat, Newsletter, Nixie, Nudge, Officer, Open letter, Ordinance, Ordonnance, Ox, Oxen, Paddy, Pastoral letter, Peacock, Peeler, Peg the market, Piffle, Pig, Pile drive, Poison-pen letter, Poke, Poppycock, Prate, Prattle, Press, Principal keeper, Prison guard, Proclamation, Prod, Pronouncement, Pronunciamento, Punch, Push, Raid the market, Ram, Ram down, Rattle, Rescript, Rig the market, Rooster, Rot, Round robin, Rule, Ruling, Run, Run against, Scat, Screw, Senatus consult, Senatus consultum, Shake, Shamus, Shit, Shoulder, Shove, Slip, Solecism, Spoonerism, Stag, Stallion, Steer, Stirk, Stot, Stress, Stud, Studhorse, Talk nonsense, Tamp, The cops, The fuzz, The law, Thrust, Tom, Tom turkey, Tomcat, Tommyrot, Top cow, Top horse, Trip, Tripe, Tup, Turkey gobbler, Turkey-cock, Turnkey, Twaddle, Twattle, Ukase, Uneffeminate, Vapor, Waffle, Warden, Warder, Wash sales, Wether, Whipsaw, Wind, Wisent, Yak, Yearling, Zebu

Meaning of Bull & Bull Definition