Definition of Bulk:

  1. Be or seem to be of great size or importance.

  2. The mass or magnitude of something large.

  3. Treat (a product) so that its quantity appears greater than it in fact is.

  4. Unpackaged, homogenous, dry or liquid goods, without mark or count and usually free-flowing, bought and sold by weight or volume, such as grains, oils, and ores.

Synonyms of Bulk

Make bigger, Make larger, Expand, Pad out, Fill out, Eke out, Add to, Augment, Increase, Size, Volume, Dimensions, Measurements, Proportions, Mass, Substance, Scale, Magnitude, Immensity, Hugeness, Vastness, Massiveness, Bulkiness, Largeness, Bigness, Ampleness, Amplitude, Accumulate, Add to, Agglomerate, Aggrandize, Aggregate, Aggroup, Amass, Amount, Ampleness, Amplify, Amplitude, Area, Assemble, Augment, Balloon, Batch, Best part, Better part, Bigness, Bloat, Block, ■■■■ up, Bodily size, Body, Boundlessness, Breadth, Bring together, Broaden, Budget, Build, Build up, Bulk large, Bulk out, Bunch, Bunch together, Bunch up, Caliber, Chunk, Clod, Clump, Cluster, Coarseness, Collect, Colligate, Collocate, Combine, Compare, Compile, Conglomerate, Core, Corpulence, Corpus, Corral, Coverage, Crescendo, Cumulate, Depth, Develop, Diameter, Dig up, Dilate, Dimension, Dimensions, Distance through, Distend, Draw together, Dredge up, Drive together, Enlarge, Enlargement, Enormity, Enormousness, Essence, Exceed, Expand, Expanse, Expansion, Extend, Extension, Extent, Fatness, Fill out, Force, Formidableness, Fullness, Gather, Gather in, Gather together, Gauge, Generality, Get in, Get together, Gigantism, Girth, Gist, ■■■, Grandeur, Grandness, Gravamen, Great scope, Greaten, Greatness, Grossness, Group, Height, Hike, Hike up, Huff, Hugeness, Hunk, Immensity, Increase, Infinity, Inflate, Intensity, Join, Juxtapose, Largeness, Length, Loaf, Loom, Loom large, Lump, Lump together, Magnify, Magnitude, Main body, Major part, Majority, Make up, Mass, Match, Matter, Measure, Measurement, Meat, Might, Mightiness, Mobilize, More than half, Most, Muchness, Muster, Nugget, Numbers, Object, Outsoar, Outstrip, Overtop, Pair, Partner, Pat, Plenitude, Plurality, Power, Preponderance, Preponderancy, Prodigiousness, Proportion, Proportions, Puff, Puff up, Pump, Pump up, Put together, Quantity, Quantum, Radius, Raise, Rake up, Rally, Range, Rarefy, Reach, Rear, Rise above, Round up, Scale, Scope, Scrape together, Size, Snowball, Soar, Spread, Stand out, Staple, Strength, Stretch, Stupendousness, Substance, Sufflate, Sum, Swell, Take up, The greatest number, The third dimension, Thickness, Thrust, Total, Totality, Tower, Tower above, Transcend, Tremendousness, Tumefy, Up, Vastness, Volume, Wad, Whip in, Whole, Widen, Width, Be important, Loom large, Dominate, Preponderate, Be prominent, Be significant, Be influential, Be of consequence, Be of account, Be relevant, Mean a lot, Count, Matter, Signify, Carry weight

How to use Bulk in a sentence?

  1. Territorial questions bulked large in diplomatic relations.
  2. The scrap material was priced in bulk due to the varied pieces that were collected from different uses within the factory for resale.
  3. We were gonna shoot the bulk of the scene tonight, so we did not have to come back tomorrow and film more.
  4. Traders were bulking up their flour with chalk.
  5. When shipping in bulk you should always try to find the best company to do the shipping so you know it will arrive safely.
  6. The sheer bulk of the bags.

Meaning of Bulk & Bulk Definition

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