Bulb Zone Subnautica

Bulb Zone Subnautica

Where is the light bulb area?

| Lamp area | Biomer and Subnautica Guide and complete solution of Subnautica. A biome to the northeast of the map, near the crash zone, mushroom forest, and mountains. Part of the area has been contaminated with radiation from the Aurora debris.

With that in mind, where is the wreck of the onion region?

View Maybe you are looking for the Bollenstreek Caves. Bulb Zone is a unique biome that borders the mushroom forest, crash zone, mountains and crater rim to the northeast.

And where is the algae zone?

Blood Kelp Zones are special biomes in Subnautica that are characterized by a series of giant blood tendrils, some of which pour blood oil pustules near the trunk. The Bloodweed Pit is located southwest of Lifepod 5, amidst dunes, scattered cliffs, grassy plateaus and the Smugglers’ Trail.

Similarly, you can ask which Lifepod is in the sphere area?

Lifepod 12 is located in the light bulb area, at 270 m.

How can I get a sample of a bushy pear?

Agriculture. Bulb bush specimens can be obtained from bulb bushes of all sizes using a survival knife. Oddly enough, pygmy bulb bushes give nine bulb bushes samples and drop two on move eight, then split into four bushes. Medium sized onion bushes produce sixteen sample bushes.

Is there a map in Subnautica?

Since there is no Subnautica map in the game, you will need to take notes yourself. This is the first way: everything in Subnautica has input coordinates. You can find the coordinates by pressing F1 to open a console menu.

How can I get to the Koosh Zone?

If you encounter algae, head towards the Aurora to the end of the clay zone, then orientate parallel as before and continue. Eventually you will come to an area where you cannot see the ocean floor. Start descending about 150 meters and you should see purple kosh balls.

Where are the underwater islands of Subnautica?

This biome is located to the north. It is relatively small and borders the area of ​​Soppskog, Fjell, Kelpskog, Grassy Plateaus, and Blood Kelp. The whole area is a collection of small submerged islands that are found at depths between 70 and 300 meters. The bottom of the biome reaches 500 meters.

What is the crash zone in Subnautica?

Crash Zone is the biome Aurora crashed into, hence the name. It features rocky slopes and deep sand-covered trenches and teems with debris from crashed spacecraft. This biome is one of the most sinister biomes due to its open spaces and the presence of eight Raiding Leviathans.

Where is Grand Reef in Subnautica?

Grand Reef is a deep subnautic biome that covers a large area in the southern part of the crater.

Where is Sea Crown Subnautica located?

Sea Crown is one of the rarest species of Subnautica’s usable flora, with only a small number. Overall, this is the third rarest plant species in Subnautica, behind Giant Cove Tree and Fern Palm. It is present exclusively in the bulb area, in the dune abysses and in some caves of the grassy plateaus.

Where is the inactive lava area?

The dormant lava area can be reached via two access points in the west and east wings of the Lost River, Mountain Corridor and Tree Cove. In the middle of the dormant lava area is a large chamber with occasional lava veins and hardened rock peaks.

Where do Harvest Leviathans appear?

A Harvester Leviathan who once landed in the mushroom forests near Aurora.

What biome is Lifepod 13 in?


What biome is Lifepod 19 in?

Lifepod 19 is the second deepest capsule on Deep Sparse Reef at 295 meters.

How do you get diamonds in Subnautica?

To find a large number of diamonds, head to the Trail of the Sailing Ships and destroy the slate fields accumulated by the Leviathan’s sailing ships, or visit the caves of Mountain Island or the outside of the mountain under the slate fields.

Where are the Cyclops fragments?

Answer: Each Cyclops fragment is found in several specific locations in Subnautica. The fragment of the bridge was found in the mushroom forest, the floating island and the path of the sea merchants; the hull fragment was found in the caves of Jellyshroom, Aurora, Wrecks, Mountain Island and Underwater Islands.

Where is the tea forest in Subnautica?

Description. The kelp forest is one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on the planet 4546B. It is also the home of stalkers. Located at moderate depths, it hosts mostly passive life forms, with the exception of stalkers and drooping thorns.

Where is the pear bush in Subnautica?

While normal large and huge onion bushes can only be found in the pear tree area, dwarf peris can only be found by planting an onion bush in a home grown or “foreign” field.

How do you get a mushroom monster in Subnautica?

Description. The player can get mushroom monsters by collecting a mushroom hat with the knife. The only practical use for mold samples is fuel for the bioreactor.

Bulb Zone Subnautica