Built To Flip

Built To Flip,

Built To Flip: What is the Meaning of Built To Flip?

  1. Companies don't sell long after they're sold, so they can make money fast.

Literal Meanings of Built To Flip


Meanings of Built:
  1. Past and past construction part

  2. (To someone) of a certain size or measure.

Sentences of Built
  1. A woman with light skin head


Meanings of To:
  1. Identify the person or thing in question.

  2. Anxious or troubled (something, especially a summary)

  3. When the missing verb is clearly understood, it is used without the following verb.

Sentences of To
  1. Crystal's expression turned from surprise to joy.

  2. He left his bicycle tied to the fence

  3. This is not what it was used for

  4. She tells him to come, but he says he doesn't want to

Synonyms of To

fastened, tight, to, firmly fixed, so as to near, toward, so as to approach, in the direction of, secure, secured


Meanings of Flip:
  1. Come back with fast and precise movement.

  2. It moves, pushes or throws (something) in sudden and brutal motion.

  3. Suddenly, you lose control or become very angry.

  4. Buy and sell quickly (anything, especially real estate or stocks) to make a profit.

  5. Become an informant.

  6. Sudden and brutal actions.

  7. Short trip or good trip.

  8. Easy or comfortable.

Sentences of Flip
  1. The plane turned and exploded

  2. Take off your sunglasses

  3. One week after the launch, I returned the property with an immediate profit of ، 3,000

  4. He put aside his doubts with a helping hand

  5. I can't get away from ridiculous talk

  6. He drank cup after cup until he reached a beautiful, glowing serenity.

Synonyms of Flip

send, toss, cast, dash, bowl, upturn, lob, shy, fling, pitch, throw, capsize, hurl, overturn, turn topsy-turvy, sling, flick, launch, turn over, project, roll over, tip over