What is The Definition of Buildings?

Building is not just about the physical structure of your home. This includes the exterior of your property such as sidewalks, fences, gardens, patios, solar panels, trees, walls and wind turbines. This includes outdoor buildings such as decks, garages and sheds, as well as fixed furniture such as cables, drains, oil tanks and pipelines.

Meanings of Buildings

  1. A structure with a roof and walls, e.g. B. home or factory.

  2. Buy or trade to build something.

  3. Crowds of towers.

Sentences of Buildings

  1. In my opinion, it is illogical and wrong to call these two buildings houses.

  2. Road construction

  3. Picture of him standing between the towers

Synonyms of Buildings

structure, edifice , putting up, erection , erection, framework , hut , superstructure , pile , pile, ziggurat , fabrication, home , assembly, production, construction , edifice, construction, domicile , house , fabric , architecture , establishment, raising