Building Rate

Building Rate,

What Does Building Rate Mean?

  • Increase the insurance rate instead of increasing the insurance rate.

Literal Meanings of Building Rate


Meanings of Building:
  1. A structure with a roof and walls, e.g. B. Home, school, shop or factory.

  2. The process or business of making something.

Sentences of Building
  1. In my opinion, it is illogical and wrong to call these two buildings houses.

  2. Road construction

Synonyms of Building

erection, assembly, structure, pile, putting up, construction, edifice, establishment, fabrication, production, raising


Sentences of Rate
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises.

  2. This program is considered very successful.

Synonyms of Rate

compute, estimate, measure, charge, value, judge to be, appraise, fare, think to be, deem to be, cost, find to be, tariff, figure, outlay, consider to be, hold to be, weigh up, judge, reckon to be, evaluate, assess, calculate, price, amount, adjudge, put a value on, gauge