Builders Risk

Builders Risk,

What Does Builders Risk Mean?

  1. Builders Risk definition is: A type of fire insurance that covers damage or loss to a building under construction, where the damage must be due to a specific or designated hazard.

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Meanings of Builders:
  1. A person who makes things by putting parts or materials together.

Sentences of Builders
  1. Shipbuilder

Synonyms of Builders

designer, planner, maker, contriver, deviser, creator, architect, establisher, fabricator, constructor


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Expose loss, damage or loss to anyone or anything of value.

  2. Conditions involved in exposure to hazards

Sentences of Risk
  1. Ignoring the law is very dangerous

Synonyms of Risk

put in danger, fear, likelihood, expose to danger, peril, take a chance with, endanger, put on the line, danger, venture, threat, jeopardize, wager, gamble, hazard, gamble with, chance, prospect, bet, possibility, menace, put in jeopardy, imperil, probability, put at risk