Definition of Build:

  1. Process of training or developing. In the US, the colloquial term building character generally means becoming more mentally mature through experience.

  2. Process of constructing, creating, or generating; sometimes from scratch. This usually requires using raw materials to create something new. For example, a company may build a new building with glass ceilings in order to save on heating and electricity bills in the future.

  3. Process of accumulating over time. For example, an individual may build wealth by adding to an investment portfolio over a long period of time.

Synonyms of Build

Platonic form, Platonic idea, Add to, Aesthetic form, Aggrandize, Amplify, Anatomy, Archetype, Architectonics, Architecture, Arrangement, Art form, Assemble, Augment, Base, Bloat, Blow up, Bod, Body, Body-build, Boost, Broaden, Build in, Build up, Building, Bulk, Bulk out, Cast, Combine, Compose, Composition, Compound, Concoct, Configuration, Conformation, Consist of, Constitute, Constitution, Construct, Construction, Create, Creation, Crescendo, Cut, Develop, Devise, Dilate, Distend, Elaborate, Embody, Enlarge, Enter into, Erect, Establish, Evolve, Exalt, Expand, Extend, Extrude, Fabric, Fabricate, Fabrication, Fashion, Fashioning, Fatten, Figuration, Figure, Fill out, Fix, Forge, Forging, Form, Format, Formation, Formulate, Found, Frame, Fudge together, Genre, Get up, Getup, Go into, Ground, Habit, Heighten, Hike, Hike up, Huff, Impression, Incorporate, Increase, Indite, Inflate, Inner form, Install, Intensify, Invest, Jack up, Join, Jump up, Lay the foundation, Layout, Lengthen, Magnify, Make, Make up, Makeup, Making, Manufacture, Matrix, Mature, Maximize, Merge in, Mix, Modality, Mode, Model, Mold, Molding, Mount, Multiply, Organic structure, Organism, Organization, Organize, Parlay, Patch together, Pattern, Patterning, Person, Physique, Piece together, Pitch, Plan, Plant, Prefabricate, Prepare, Produce, Production, Prototype, Puff, Puff up, Pump, Pump up, Put in, Put together, Put up, Pyramid, Raise, Rarefy, Rear, Rise, Run up, Seat, Set, Set up, Setup, Shape, Shaping, Significant form, Stamp, Strengthen, Stretch, Structure, Structuring, Style, Sufflate, Swell, Synthesize, Tectonics, Texture, Thicken, Throw up, Tissue, Turn, Type, Unite in, Up, Uprear, Upsurge, Vest, Warp and woof, Wax, Weave, Web, Whomp up, Widen, Write

Meaning of Build & Build Definition

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