Definition of Buffet:

  1. A meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves.

  2. A room or counter in a station, hotel, or other public building selling light meals or snacks.

  3. A cabinet with shelves and drawers for keeping dinnerware and table linens; a sideboard.

  4. Per-head priced self service meal featuring a fixed number of hot and cold dishes (offering several choices in each course) set on a table. French for, sideboard for keeping china or crockery.

Origin of word Buffet

Late Middle English from Old French bufet, of unknown origin.

Synonyms of Buffet

Abuse, Agonize, Ambo, Antagonize, Automat, Bafflement, Balk, Bang, Bar, Bash, Baste, Bastinado, Batter, Battle, Beanery, Beat, Beat against, Beat up against, Belabor, Belt, Bench, Betrayed hope, Birch, Bistro, Blasted expectation, Blighted hope, Blip, Blow, Board, Box, Box the ears, Breast the wave, Bruise, Buck, Buffet the waves, Bung, Bung up, Buvette, Cafe, Cafeteria, Cane, Canteen, Cantina, Chop, Chophouse, Chuck wagon, Close with, Clout, Club, Coffee shop, Coffeehouse, Coffeeroom, Combat, Comedown, Compete with, Contend, Contend against, Contest, Contuse, Cookhouse, Cookshack, Cookshop, Counter, Cowhide, Cruel disappointment, Cudgel, Cuff, Cut, Dash, Dashed hope, Defeat, Desk, Diner, Dining hall, Dining room, Disappointment, Discomfiture, Disillusionment, Dissatisfaction, Do violence to, Do wrong by, Do wrong to, Dog wagon, Drive-in, Drive-in restaurant, Drub, Eatery, Eating house, Escritoire, Failure, Fallen countenance, Fast-food chain, Fiasco, Fight, Fight against, Fizzle, Flagellate, Flail, Flap, Flog, Foiling, Forlorn hope, Frustration, Fustigate, Give a whipping, Give the stick, Grapple with, Grill, Grillroom, Grunt and sweat, Hamburger stand, Hammer, Hash house, Hashery, Hassle, Hope deferred, Horsewhip, Hot-dog stand, Huff and puff, Ill-treat, Ill-use, Injure, Join battle with, Kitchen, Knock, Knock about, Knout, Labor against, Lace, Lambaste, Larrup, Lash, Lay on, Lectern, Letdown, Lunch counter, Lunch wagon, Luncheonette, Lunchroom, Maltreat, Manhandle, Maul, Mess hall, Militate against, Mirage, Mishandle, Mistreat, Molest, Offer resistance, Outrage, Paste, Patter, Pelt, Pistol-whip, Pizzeria, Poke, Pommel, Pound, Pulverize, Pummel, Punch, Quick-lunch counter, Rap, Rawhide, Reluct, Reluctate, Restaurant, Rival, Rough, Rough up, Sandwich shop, Savage, Scourge, Scuffle, Secretaire, Secretary, Setback, Slap, Slap the face, Sledgehammer, Smack, Smite, Smorgasbord, Snack bar, Sock, Sore disappointment, Spank, Stand, Stem the tide, Strap, Strike, Stripe, Strive, Strive against, Struggle, Struggle against, Swinge, Switch, Table, Take on, Tantalization, Tavern, Tearoom, Tease, Thrash, Thresh, Thump, Token punishment, Trattoria, Trounce, Truncheon, Tussle, Vie with, Wallop, Whack, Whale, Whip, Whomp, Whop, Workbench, Wrestle, Writing table, Cafe, Cafeteria, Snack bar, Canteen, Salad bar, Refreshment counter, Refreshment stall, Restaurant, Sideboard, Cabinet, China cupboard, Counter, Cold table, Cold meal, Self-service, Smorgasbord

How to use Buffet in a sentence?

  1. The food may not always be the best quality at a buffet but being able to have so many options makes up for it.
  2. Theres no dining car, which adds a bit of adventure - you have to judge your stops and make dashes for the station buffet.
  3. Ben moved to the buffet and withdrew several linen napkins.
  4. The sushi buffet was quickly becoming one of the most popular restaurants in town because they offered an all you can eat deal.
  5. We went to the buffet the other day and my friend decided to pig out and eat as much as he could, which was a bad idea cause he was on a diet.
  6. A cold buffet lunch.

Meaning of Buffet & Buffet Definition