Definition of Buffer:

  1. Store (data) in a buffer while it is being processed or transferred.

  2. A solution that resists changes in pH when acid or alkali is added to it. Buffers typically involve a weak acid or alkali together with one of its salts.

  3. Small amount of memory used for temporary storage of data, usually to compensate for differences in processing or transmitting speeds of two connected devices, such as a computer and a printer. It serves as a reservoir in which the higher speed device (computer) dumps the data which is then trickled to the slower one (printer). Buffering is also required where a constant high bit rate has to be maintained, such as in compress-decompression process used in transmission or playing of audio/video files. See also cache.

  4. A person or thing that prevents incompatible or antagonistic people or things from coming into contact with or harming each other.

  5. Treat with a chemical buffer.

  6. Lessen or moderate the impact of (something).

  7. A temporary memory area in which data is stored while it is being processed or transferred, especially one used while streaming video or downloading audio.

Synonyms of Buffer

T square, Aegis, Annul, Antacid, Antidote, Arch dam, Arm guard, Awl, Backstop, Bale breaker, Bamboo curtain, Bank, Bar, Barrage, Barrier, Battering ram, Bear-trap dam, Beaver dam, Bevel, Bevel square, Bodkin, Boom, Bradawl, Brattice, Breakwater, Breastwork, Brick wall, Bring to nothing, Buff, Buffer state, Bulkhead, Bulwark, Bumper, Calender, Calipers, Cancel, Cancel out, Cant hook, Caulking iron, Center punch, Chamois, Cloison, Cofferdam, Collision mat, Come to nothing, Contraceptive, Copyright, Counteractant, Counteractive, Counteragent, Counterbalance, Counterirritant, Crash helmet, Crowbar, Cushion, Dam, Dashboard, Defense, Diaphragm, Dibble, Dike, Dissepiment, Ditch, Dividers, Dividing line, Dividing wall, Division, Dodger, Drag, Earthwork, Edger, Electric sander, Electric soldering iron, Embankment, Face mask, Fence, Fender, File, Finger guard, Flail, Foot guard, Forceps, Fork, Frustrate, Fuse, Gate, Glazer, Goggles, Goose, Governor, Grader, Grapnel, Grappling iron, Gravity dam, Grease gun, Grindstone, Groin, Guard, Guardrail, Hand guard, Handrail, Hard hat, Harrow, Hawk, Helmet, Hook, Hydraulic-fill dam, Insulation, Interlock, Interseptum, Invalidate, Iron, Iron curtain, Jack, Jackscrew, Jam, Jetty, Jointer, Knee guard, Knuckle guard, Laminated glass, Lathe, Leaping weir, Levee, Level, Life preserver, Lifeline, Lightning conductor, Lightning rod, Logjam, Mangle, Mask, Mat, Midriff, Midsection, Milldam, Miter box, Moat, Mole, Mound, Mudguard, Nail file, Nail puller, Negate, Negativate, Negative, Neutralize, Neutralizer, Nose guard, Nullifier, Nullify, Offset, Pad, Padding, Palette knife, Palladium, Panel, Parapet, Paries, Partition, Party wall, Patent, Peavey, Pilot, Pincers, Pinch bar, Pitchfork, Plane, Planer, Pliers, Polisher, Portcullis, Press, Preventative, Preventive, Property line, Prophylactic, Protective clothing, Protective umbrella, Puller, Punch, Punch pliers, Puncheon, Putty knife, Ram, Rammer, Rampart, Ramrod, Remedy, Ripping bar, Roadblock, Rock-fill dam, Roller, Rolling pin, Safeguard, Safety, Safety glass, Safety plug, Safety rail, Safety shoes, Safety switch, Safety valve, Sander, Screen, Screwdriver, Seat belt, Seawall, Separation, Septulum, Septum, Shaper, Shield, Shin guard, Shock pad, Shutter dam, Soldering iron, Spatula, Square, Stapler, Steamroller, Stone wall, Stultify, Sun helmet, Tackle, Tamp, Tamper, Tamping pick, Tap, Thwart, Tire iron, Tire tool, Tongs, Trowel, Tweezers, Umbrella, Undo, Vise, Vitiate, Void, Wall, Weir, Wicket dam, Windscreen, Windshield, Work, Wrecking bar, Wringer, Cushion, Absorb, Soften, Lessen, Diminish, Moderate, Mitigate, Allay, Deaden, Muffle, Stifle, Shield, Cushion, Bulwark

How to use Buffer in a sentence?

  1. A spectral change was observed upon addition of lipid vesicles to the buffer solution of the sensitizers.
  2. The massage helped to buffer the strain.
  3. Print speed is boosted by pages being formatted in a buffer while another is printing.
  4. Family and friends can provide a buffer against stress.
  5. Try buffering as much of the video stream as you can before you hit the play button.
  6. Add organic matter to buffer the resulting alkalinity.

Meaning of Buffer & Buffer Definition