Buffer zone

Buffer zone,

Definition of Buffer zone:

  1. A neutral area serving to separate hostile forces or nations.

  2. A tract of land between two differently zoned areas. For example, a city might position a park between a commercial and residential district.

How to use Buffer zone in a sentence?

  1. By including buffer zone s like parks, gardens and riding trails in their proposal, the urban developers were able to quickly dispel concerns about the effects of their industrial park on the lifestyle of the village inhabitants.
  2. You may need to have a buffer zone between you and another person that you do not get along with well.
  3. The soldiers quickly established a 2.5-mile-wide buffer zone between the opposing forces.
  4. I needed a buffer zone between me and the others, cause if I didnt have it, then I would be really uncomfortable.

Meaning of Buffer zone & Buffer zone Definition