Buffalo News Subscription

Buffalo News Subscription

How can I cancel my Buffalo News subscription?

| We have a number of options below. If you don’t know the return date, you don’t want to let us know, or you want to suspend your subscription for more than 28 days, you can contact our Subscriber Service by phone at 7168421111 or 18007778640.Likewise, you may be wondering how much a subscription to The Buffalo News costs.The price of Homay’s subscription to The Buffalo News has increased by 15 cents to 3.70 per week starting today. The daily news unit price will not change, but the Sunday unit price will decrease from 1.50 to $ 1.75.

Also, do you know that The Buffalo News fails?

After 42 years with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, The Buffalo News is sold to Lee Enterprises, an Iowabas chain that owns 50 newspapers primarily in the Midwest. A $ 140 million deal announced Wednesday morning will make Lee the only third owner of The News in 140 years of history.

How can I contact Buffalo News?

You can contact customer service at (800) 7778640 or (716) 8421111 or by email / span>How much does the Sunday edition of The Buffalo News cost?

The news only raised the price of the Sunday newspaper - the newsstand price is now 2.50 - but the subscription price for the newspaper is the same: 3.99 per week with automatic payment, otherwise $ 4, 50. And digital access is included.

Why is The Buffalo News running late today?

The Buffalo News. Newspaper deliveries today may be delayed in some areas due to production problems. The newspaper apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause to customers. Subscribers have full digital access to news via mobile and tablet apps and news management.

Who Owns Buffalo News?

Berkshire Hathaway

Who is the editor of Buffalo News?

Mike Connelly

How do I post an obituary on The Buffalo News?

Submit an obituary / Obituary

What’s going on in Buffalo?

  • The Wake, the ICTC party to die for. No reaction. Location: Stadsfeestzaal.
  • New Fridays in the Galley Lounge. No reaction. Restaurant: Fresh Catch Poke and The Galley Lounge at 500 Pearl.
  • WNY Boat Show 2020. No comments. Location: Adpro Sports Training Center.
  • Buffalo ■■■■■■ Mary Fest 2020. No comments.

Buffalo News Subscription