Budget Deficit

Budget Deficit,

What is The Definition of Budget Deficit?

  1. Budget Deficit means: Brian Barnier is the chief analyst at Value Bridge Advisors, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Fedishboard.com, and a visiting professor at the Colin Powell School of City University in New York City.

    • Budget deficits occur when current expenditures exceed revenues from standard transactions.
    • Some unforeseen events and actions can lead to budget deficits.
    • By increasing taxes and cutting spending, countries can control budget deficits.

Literal Meanings of Budget Deficit


Meanings of Budget:
  1. Estimated income and expenses for a fixed period.

  2. Lots of material, usually written or printed.

  3. Allow or allow a certain amount of money in the budget.

  4. A little expensive.

Sentences of Budget
  1. University deficit forecast

  2. Cheap guitar

Synonyms of Budget

low-cost, allow, allot, devote, bargain, financial estimate, inexpensive, allocate, cheap, reasonable, reasonably priced, financial plan, economical, low-budget, financial blueprint, economy, discount, cut-price, cut-rate, assign, prediction of revenue and expenditure, set aside, designate, earmark, low-price, forecast, bargain-basement, discounted


Meanings of Deficit:
  1. The amount of something, especially the amount of money, is very small.

Sentences of Deficit
  1. Funds will cover the deficit in Rover's pension system, which is officially 67 67.6 million.

Synonyms of Deficit

shortage, undersupply, shortfall, deficiency, slippage