Definition of Bucket:

  1. (of a vehicle) move quickly and jerkily.

  2. Informal unit of volume for dry or liquid material, it equals 5 US gallons (18.92 liters) in the US and 4 imperial gallons (18.18 liters) in the UK.

  3. A roughly cylindrical open container, typically made of metal or plastic, with a handle, used to hold and carry liquids or other material.

  4. Rain heavily.

  5. A unit of data that can be transferred from secondary storage in a single operation.

  6. In managerial accounting, "cost buckets" are created to track unit-level costs.

  7. The term "bucket" is used in business and finance to describe a grouping of related assets or categories. Buckets can contain investment assets that present a degree of risk, such as equities, or they can contain low-risk investments such as cash, short-term securities, fixed income securities with similar maturities, or swaps and/or derivatives with proximate maturities.

Synonyms of Bucket

Pail, Scuttle, Can, Tub, Pitcher, Vessel, Argosy, Bail, Bark, Barrel, Be caught short, Be short, Belong, Boat, Bottom, Bucketshop, Calaboose, Can, Clink, Cooler, Craft, Cup, Decant, Deposit margin, Dip, Dish, Dish out, Dish up, Fly, Fork, Go long, Hasten, Highball, Hold on, Hooker, Hoosegow, Hulk, Hull, Hustle, Jug, Keel, Ladle, Leviathan, Lockup, Make a killing, Make a scoop, Margin up, Miss the market, Operate, Overstay the market, Packet, Pail, Play the market, Plunge, Pokey, Pour, Prison, Pyramid, Run, Rush, Scalp, Scoop, Scoop the market, Scuttle, Ship, Shovel, Spade, Speculate, Speed, Spoon, Stag, Stag the market, Take a flier, Trade on margin, Tub, Venture, Vessel, Watercraft, Whiz, Speed, Hurry, Race, Run, Sprint, Dash, Bolt, Dart, Rush, Hasten, Hurtle, Career, Streak, Shoot, Whizz, Zoom, Go like lightning, Go hell for leather, Spank along, Bowl along, Rattle along, Whirl, Whoosh, Buzz, Swoop, Flash, Blast, Charge, Stampede, Gallop, Sweep, Hare, Fly, Wing, Scurry, Scud, Scutter, Scramble, Rain heavily, Rain cats and dogs, Rain hard, Pour, Pelt, Lash, Teem, Stream, Tip, Beat, Sheet

How to use Bucket in a sentence?

  1. Buckets are routinely used as asset allocation tools, where portfolio managers assemble clusters (buckets) of investments, each with different risk characteristics, in order to create an overall asset allocation mix that best suits each investor, based on his or her individual risk temperament and long term goals.
  2. A bucket and spade.
  3. These caches can be thought of as simple hardware hash tables with fixed size buckets and no chaining, as shown in Figure 1.
  4. Nobel laureate James Tobin created a widely-followed investment strategy that is commonly referred to as the "bucket approach," which entails allocating stocks between a "risky bucket" that aims to produce high returns, and a "safe bucket" that exists for the purposes of meeting liquidity or safety needs.
  5. In investment vernacular, the term "bucket" is frequently used by portfolio managers, financial advisors, and their investment clients to describe a grouping of related investment assets.

Meaning of Bucket & Bucket Definition