Browse-wrap Agreement

Browse-wrap Agreement,

How To Define Browse-wrap Agreement?

Meaning of Browse-wrap Agreement: Non-negotiable agreements, which are often carefully displayed on the Website, contain the terms and conditions for the visitor's use of the Website, but the visitor is not required to indicate acceptance of these terms. The court interpretation of the advertised packaging agreement is less favorable than the court interpretation of the clickable packaging agreement.

Literal Meanings of Browse-wrap Agreement


Meanings of Browse:
  1. Check out the products offered for sale in a comfortable way.

  2. Eat (from animals) leaves, twigs or other plants that are strong.

  3. The occasional act of reading or watching.

  4. Plants, such as twigs and slender twigs, are eaten by animals.

Sentences of Browse
  1. Stop browsing second hand book stores.

  2. They get up to graze in the bushes.

  3. Sports page navigation

  4. A deer needs 18 to 25 kg daily.

Synonyms of Browse

ruminate, window-shop, eat, pasture, nibble, have a look, look around/round, graze, crop, feed, peruse


Meanings of Wrap:
  1. Cover or wrap with paper or soft material.

  2. Upon reaching the edges or as an image according to a built-in function (words or text units) are automatically moved to a new line.

  3. Full filming or recording.

  4. Loose coat or piece of cloth.

  5. An omelette wrapped in stuffing that eats like a sandwich.

  6. At the end of the filming or recording session.

Sentences of Wrap
  1. Candle wrapped in tissue paper

  2. The program can automatically wrap text around randomly formatted graphics.

  3. Three days later we completed the work as planned.

  4. Beach wrap

  5. On the right is a package.

Synonyms of Wrap

swaddle, serape, shawl, pelisse, parcel, pack, mantlet, enfold, pelerine, gift-wrap, poncho, swathe, encase, cover, pack up, parcel up, enclose, bundle, mantle, do up, stole, muffle, package, fold, wind, lap


Meanings of Agreement:
  1. Harmony or agreement of opinion or feeling.

Sentences of Agreement
  1. Both officers nodded

Synonyms of Agreement

contract, pledge, unity, pact, confirmation, concordat, protocol, sympathy, deal, compact, rapport, assent, consensus, acquiescence, concurrence, harmony, treaty, entente, acceptance, promise, unison, bargain, concord, accordance