Brother-sister Corporations

Brother-sister Corporations,

What is The Meaning of Brother-sister Corporations?

Owned by two or more companies and controlled by a single shareholder.

Literal Meanings of Brother-sister Corporations


Meanings of Brother:
  1. Male or male than male and male parents.

  2. A Christian (man)

  3. It is used to express anger or surprise.

Sentences of Brother
  1. Recognized him for being like his brother

  2. I want Protestants to see me as a friend and brother in Christ.

  3. there!

Synonyms of Brother

male sibling


Meanings of Sister:
  1. A woman or a girl is compared to other sons and daughters of her parents.

  2. Close friends or co-workers, especially colleagues who are members of unions or other organizations.

  3. Women members of orders or gatherings.

  4. The head nurse is usually responsible for one department.

  5. Related to an organization or location that is related to other organizations that share a common background, loyalty, or relationships.

Sentences of Sister
  1. I have nine brothers

  2. Textile unions express solidarity with their brothers and sisters in developing countries

  3. The sisters announced that there would be a special rosary every morning

  4. Ward sisters should be consulted

  5. Brother ship

Synonyms of Sister

abbess, Reverend Mother, Mother Superior, friend, colleague, female sibling, comrade, novice, nun, partner, prioress, associate


Meanings of Corporations:
  1. A large corporation or group of companies has the authority to act as a unit and is thus legally recognized.

  2. A group of people chose to govern a city, municipality or district.

  3. Stomach

Sentences of Corporations
  1. Cardiff Bay Development Corporation

  2. City of London Company

Synonyms of Corporations

civic authority, agency, federation, syndicate, town council, company, group, house, institution, trust, business, conglomerate, bureau, municipal authority, consortium, chain, concern, guild, office, combine, organization, firm, multiple, multinational