Bronzeador Caseiro

Bronzeador Caseiro

How do you make sunscreen at home?

Of course sun too much sun, ugly face. There is nothing here but solozine to further destroy the skin of the body, it is wrong because I have been sunbathing for 4 years and I have managed to maintain the tainted faith.

I live in Rio de Janeiro.

You know the date: if you don't find it right, enter ...

Ah, I know a woman is fine.

Carrot juice contains beta carotene, which is a good tan

Homemade bronzer - the danger is, people are already there

Brands to wear or YouTube Home Made.

People love God's hair Don't do that my little cat died on 12.31.2016 at 20:00 by burning fig tea leaves, we thank you late ° ˜Â ° Ÿ˜ÂÃ

Avoid homemade suntan lotion.

Home tanning doesn't end there

Two girls interested in a serious situation

Girls between the ages of 15 and 22 are brown with fig-leaf tea and burn silk. He felt that as expected, whether it was liquid or cold, the boy wanted to peel. When he arrived in the Pavires, in the area of ​​Ribera or Preto, he had 50% of his body surface: face, neck, chest, abdomen, waist and legs.

As patients, they are isolated to avoid the risk of infection and their serious health. I am the director of Al, because meningitis is treated with antipeptics, pain moisturizers and serums. There is a possibility that the adult will have to undergo plastic surgery again.

So you add salt to the pepper

Bronzeador Caseiro

Bronzeador Caseiro

Peers ... n does ....


The sun causes cancer

But here, where I live, or the civilized people, it gets feverish until it dries up

More if you insist on carrots and bronze


At home bronzer does not recommend you at all! This is very dangerous, I have already seen people who are seriously aware of it !!!!

Now, take great carrot juice !!!!!!!! Help Soo get cool chocolate ... I bought it! In addition to good for health!

PS: In the centrifuge, made or pure juice, not water!


Bronzeador Caseiro