Brokerage Firm

Brokerage Firm,

What Does Brokerage Firm Mean?

  1. A broker is a company that acts as a mediator in a transaction between buyers and sellers. Get an account of each commission's income. He can also act as a professional advisor to those involved in securities trading.

Literal Meanings of Brokerage Firm


Meanings of Brokerage:
  1. The company or service acts as an intermediary.

Sentences of Brokerage
  1. A broker


Meanings of Firm:
  1. You have a hard, almost complex surface or texture.

  2. Changing the strong and the impossible.

  3. Make (something) physically strong or difficult.

  4. Determined and determined.

  5. Companies, especially those that involve two or more people.

Sentences of Firm
  1. The bed should be strong enough, but not too hard

  2. Be fully convinced of the effectiveness of prayers

  3. Exercise programs to strengthen muscles

  4. We will face the suggestions of the government

  5. A law firm

Synonyms of Firm

hard, solid, unyielding, resistant, company, business, concern, enterprise, venture, undertaking, house, establishment, organization, corporation, conglomerate, franchise, cooperative, office, bureau, service, agency, practice