Brokerage Company

Brokerage Company,

Definition of Brokerage Company:

The main function of a broker is to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers to facilitate transactions. Brokers usually receive compensation through commissions or fees charged on successful transactions. Now it can be paid in return or by the customer or in some cases both. Because many discount brokers have introduced commission-free trading, they cover lost revenue in other areas, including payments for large orders. For example, when a stock trading order is executed, the investor pays a transaction fee for the broker's efforts to complete the transaction.

  • The brokerage acts primarily as an intermediary to connect buyers and sellers and facilitate transactions.
  • Brokers typically receive one of two types of commissions: a fixed commission or a percentage of the transaction amount.
  • There are many different types of brokerages that offer a variety of products and services at different rates and charges.

Literal Meanings of Brokerage Company


Meanings of Brokerage:
  1. The company or service acts as an intermediary.


Meanings of Company:
  1. Business enterprise

  2. The facts or circumstances of living with other people, especially in a way that brings friendship and fun.

  3. Some people get together, mostly for a purpose.

  4. Central Intelligence Agency.

  5. Form a team to accompany you.

Sentences of Company
  1. A transport company

  2. I can use the company

  3. These are the people who have been with us at the moment

Synonyms of Company

comradeship, amity, firm, business, camaraderie, fellowship, closeness, crowd, crew, party, house, corporation, institution, concern, group, practice, venture, set, establishment, undertaking, presence, bureau, companionship, operation, agency, office