Broadened Named Insured

Broadened Named Insured,

What is Broadened Named Insured?

  • In the case of liability insurance, this coverage will apply automatically ... to any company or its affiliates, affiliates, partners or subsidiaries (including its subsidiaries) or in the future ...

Literal Meanings of Broadened Named Insured


Meanings of Broadened:
  1. Increase the distance of the background extension.

Sentences of Broadened
  1. Her smile is getting bigger

Synonyms of Broadened

become wider, deepen, stretch out, expand, thicken, draw out, become broader, stretch, make wider, widen, spread out, make broader, fill out


Meanings of Named:
  1. say it.

  2. Describe (quantity, time or location) as desired, suggested or decided.

  3. A word or phrase by which someone or something is known, addressed, or referenced.

  4. A celebrity.

  5. (In the UK) An insurer that is part of the Lloyds Consortium.

  6. (An individual or product) with a familiar name.

Sentences of Named
  1. Hundreds of diseases have not been isolated or designated

  2. The club asks United to express its appreciation for the forwards

  3. My name is John Parsons

  4. The big race will attract big names

  5. Custom brands according to niche markets

Synonyms of Named

title, under the name of, christened, denomination, star, VIP, worthy, tag, baptized, personage, by the name of, important person, called, known as, honorific, epithet, celebrity, superstar, dignitary, designation, famous person, label, celebutante, mogul, leading light, person of note, big name


Meanings of Insured:
  1. Insured person or organization.

  2. Insurance

Sentences of Insured
  1. Compensation if the insured dies

  2. Insured car