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Broad Form,

How To Define Broad Form?

Broad Form definition is: Policies that offer more free benefits, or fire insurance, offer more coverage for the basic policy that is typically included in standard fire policies and extended coverage. For example, in a housing policy, you usually include the following elements: shattered, broken glass, fallen trees, snow, hail or hail, falling. When incorporated into a commercial fire policy, it can include vandalism, falling objects, heavy snow, ice or thinning and falling.

The definition of Broad Form is: An immovable property policy that covers the policy must add 5 to the list of 11 hazards. This is a guideline for designated hazards.

You can define Broad Form as, A term that refers to a wide form of coverage (as opposed to a limited form). An example of this is big theft and big format politics. See also house type.

Any form of business or personal property that provides protection against the risks listed. This form typically offers extensive coverage and coverage of vandalism and malicious crimes. This form is commonly used for home insurance coverage.

Broad Form definition is: Any form of business or personal property that provides protection against the risks listed. This form generally provides broader coverage and coverage for vandalism and malicious crimes. This form is commonly used to cover property policies.

Literal Meanings of Broad Form


Meanings of Broad:
  1. This is a huge gap from one side to the other.

  2. It covers a large number and variety of articles or areas.

  3. Usually without details.

  4. A little rough and rude.

  5. Very clear and strong (with regional accent).

  6. A woman.

Sentences of Broad
  1. Wide ladder

  2. Different experiences

  3. An overview of NATO's position

  4. For this reason, what we consider to be great, or to enjoy, is the reality of nature

  5. Sharpen your broad bronchi

Synonyms of Broad

coarse, unspecific, racy, thick, indecent, adult female, overall, strong, dirty, broad-ranging, noticeable, woolly, smutty, gross, basic, unrefined, fuzzy, earthy, risqué, vulgar, unfocused, encyclopedic, indefinite, sweeping, loose, hazy, wide-ranging, comprehensive


Meanings of Form:
  1. The visible shape or arrangement of something.

  2. A special form in which an object exists or appears.

  3. The type or variation of something.

  4. The general or correct method or procedure that is usually followed.

  5. Shape, frame or block in which something is hidden.

  6. Hidden documents with spaces to enter information.

  7. Class or academic year, usually with a certain number.

  8. The condition of the athlete or sports team in relation to their current level of performance.

  9. Long stools without back.

  10. Spelling variations

  11. Rabbit nest

  12. Put the pieces together or put them together (some)

  13. Shape or draw.

Sentences of Form
  1. The shape, color and texture of the tree

  2. His obsession is compulsive training

  3. Sponsorship is a form of advertising

  4. Excessive concern about the law and the precedent

  5. Registration form

  6. The fifth method

  7. The disease affects its form

  8. This shelter is black and you have to fight for a place in the wooden frames that is not behind.

  9. The company was founded in 1982

Synonyms of Form

social practice, class, character, system, construction, incarnation, lodge, bring about, bring into being, bench, protocol, inaugurate, pattern, begin, forge, conformation, state of health, type, get going, burrow, tutor group, lair, appearance, configuration, shape, fitness