Broad Form Property Damage (BFPD)

Broad Form Property Damage (BFPD),

What is The Meaning of Broad Form Property Damage (BFPD)?

  1. A simple definition of Broad Form Property Damage (BFPD) is: A subcontractor in custody represents the risk of loss of property in custody, in custody or in control (CCC) or where contract activity is being carried out due to the scope of the costs that are covered in the 1973 General Liability Form. Applies to two disadvantages. (GLC) Changes are needed to cover the risk of BFPD. Insurance coverage for the same risk is provided automatically in the 1986 edition and is followed by a Commercial Liability Form (CGL) with a waiver from CCC and Property Damage (PD).

Literal Meanings of Broad Form Property Damage (BFPD)


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