Broad Form Drive Other Car Coverage

Broad Form Drive Other Car Coverage,

Broad Form Drive Other Car Coverage:

  • Commercial Motor Vehicles (eg Commercial Vehicles, Car Dealerships, Motorcycle Companies) The motor vehicle safety provided by the Company's vehicles is available to employees, government employees or others, but they do not own private vehicles and, Therefore, they do not have. Automobile Policy (PAP) vehicles. This coverage is available in Car Second Coverage - Special Extended Coverage (CA 99 10). This can be incorporated into the company's commercial vehicle policy, which provides a vehicle to protect the designated person or resident partner while driving a borrowed vehicle from a third party. Automated protection that is not included in the driver may include auto liability, automatic medical payment, automatic bodily harm and insurance (UM) for drivers without insurance (UM) / insufficient insurance (UIM). The types of coverage offered, applicable limits and deductible amounts are described in the explanation table. If this driver is installed, additional premium will be charged.

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