Definition of Brief:

  1. Instruct or inform (someone) thoroughly, especially in preparation for a task.

  2. Summary of facts, findings, and objectives, prepared to give its reader a quick, overall view of an investigation, plan, situation, etc.

  3. A concise statement or summary.

  4. Of short duration.

  5. Written statement submitted to a court by each of the opposing parties, setting forth facts, laws, and precedents in support of their respective cases.

Synonyms of Brief

Inform of, Tell about, Bring up to date on, Update on, Notify of, Advise of, Acquaint with, Apprise of, Give information about, Short, Flying, Fleeting, Hasty, Hurried, Quick, Cursory, Perfunctory, Spartan, Abbreviated, Abbreviation, Abbreviature, Abrege, Abridge, Abridged, Abridgment, Abrupt, Abstract, Account, Account rendered, Accounting, Acquaint, Acta, Advertise, Advertise of, Advise, Advocate, Airmanship, Annual, Aposiopestic, Apprise, Bespeak, Block in, Block out, Blunt, Book, Breviary, Briefing, Briefly, Bring word, Brisk, Brusque, Bulletin, Capsule, Capsulize, Census report, Chalk out, Clipped, Close, Close-tongued, Closemouthed, Coach, Cometary, Communicate, Compact, Compend, Compendious, Compendium, Compressed, Concise, Concisely, Condensation, Condense, Condensed, Condensed version, Confer, Conspectus, Consult with, Contracted, Counsel, Crisp, Crusty, Curt, Curtailed, Curtal, Curtate, Cut, Debrief, Decurtate, Delineate, Digest, Direct, Disclose, Docked, Draft, Dumb, Economical of words, Election returns, Elliptic, Employ, Engage, Enlighten, Ephemeral, Epigrammatic, Epitome, Evanescent, Explain, Extract, Familiarize, Fill in, Flashing, Fleet, Fleeting, Flickering, Flight plan, Flying lessons, Fugitive, Give a briefing, Give directions, Give notice, Give the facts, Give word, Gnomic, Gruff, Guide, Head, Hire, In brief, In sum, In summary, Indisposed to talk, Inform, Instantaneous, Instruct, Kibitz, Laconic, Leave word, Let know, Line, Little, Low, Meddle, Mention to, Meteoric, Minutes, Momentary, Mum, Mute, Notify, Nutshell, Outline, Overview, Pandect, Passing, Pilot training, Pilotship, Pithy, Pointed, Precis, Preengage, Prescribe, Proceedings, Propose, Pruned, Quick, Quiet, Recommend, Recruit, Report, Reserve, Reserved, Resume, Retain, Returns, Review, Rough, Rough in, Rough out, Rubric, Run down, Run through, Rundown, Send word, Sententious, Serve notice, Short, Short and sweet, Short-lived, Short-term, Short-termed, Shorten, Shortened, Shortened version, Sign on, Sign up, Sign up for, Silent, Skeleton, Sketch, Sketch out, Snug, Sparing of words, Speak, Speechless, Speedy, Statement, Submit, Succinct, Succinctly, Suggest, Summarize, Summary, Survey, Swift, Syllabus, Synopsis, Synopsize, Synopsized, Synoptic, Taciturn, Take into employment, Take on, Tally, Tell, Temporary, Terse, The record, Thumbnail sketch, Tight, Tight-lipped, To the point, Tongue-tied, Topical outline, Trace, Transactions, Transient, Transitory, Truncated, Unloquacious, Untalkative, Verse, Washout, Word-bound, Wordless, Yearbook

How to use Brief in a sentence?

  1. The counsel needs to read the brief prior to going to the mediation hearing, as he needs to know what arguments the opposing party will make.
  2. The president made a brief visit to Moscow.
  3. I wanted to give a brief introduction as I felt if I talked too much then I would not be able to read my audience well.
  4. She briefed him on last weeks decisions.
  5. My job was to read these huge reports and prepare a brief that everyone who didnt have lots of time to waste could read and learn what the report was about.

Meaning of Brief & Brief Definition