Definition of Bridge:

  1. Electronic device that connects two or more networks, thus creating an extended network in which any device or station on one network can communicate with any other device or station on the connected networks.

  2. Be a bridge over (something).

  3. The elevated, enclosed platform on a ship from which the captain and officers direct operations.

  4. An electric circuit with two branches across which a detector or load is connected, used to measure resistance or other property by equalizing the potential across the two ends of a detector, or to rectify an alternating voltage or current.

  5. The part of a string instrument over which the strings are stretched.

  6. A partial denture supported by natural teeth on either side.

  7. The support formed by the hand for the forward part of a billiard cue.

  8. A structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle.

  9. A bridge passage or middle eight.

  10. The upper bony part of a persons nose.

Synonyms of Bridge

Viaduct, Aqueduct, Overpass, A string, Amati, Bifrost, Boston, Cremona, D string, E string, Earl of Coventry, G string, L, Pit, Polish bank, R, Russian bank, Strad, Stradivari, Stradivarius, Texas tower, Accouple, Accumulate, Acting area, Agglutinate, All fours, Alveolar ridge, Amass, Anacrusis, Apron, Apron stage, Arch over, Articulate, Assemble, Associate, Baccarat, Backstage, Band, Band shell, Bandstand, Banker, Bascule bridge, Bass, Bass passage, Bass viol, Bateau bridge, Beacon, Belvedere, Bestraddle, Bestride, Blackjack, Bleachers, Bluff, Board, Bond, Bourdon, Bow, Bracket, Brag, Bridge over, Bridgework, Bull fiddle, Burden, Cadence, Canasta, Cantilever bridge, Casino, Catwalk, Cello, Cement, Chain, Chorus, Clap together, Coda, Collect, Combine, Commerce, Commit, Comprise, Concatenate, Conglobulate, Conjoin, Conjugate, Connect, Connection, Connections, Conning tower, Contrabass, Contract, Contract bridge, Copulate, Coulisse, Couple, Cover, Cribbage, Crowd, Dental bridge, Dentition, Denture, Development, Division, Dock, Double bass, Drawbridge, Dressing room, Ecarte, Embrace, Encompass, Euchre, Exposition, Extend over, False teeth, Faro, Fiddle, Fiddlebow, Fiddlestick, Figure, Fingerboard, Five hundred, Flies, Flinch, Floating bridge, Fly floor, Fly gallery, Flyover, Folderol, Footbridge, Forestage, Fright, Frog, Gallery, Gangboard, Gangplank, Gangway, Gather, Gazebo, Gin, Gin rummy, Glue, Go over, Goat, Grandstand, Greenroom, Grid, Gridiron, Gums, Hang over, Harmonic close, Hearts, Imbricate, Include, Interlude, Intermezzo, Introductory phrase, Ivories, Join, Jut, Keno, Kit, Kit fiddle, Kit violin, Knot, Lansquenet, Lap, Lap over, Lay together, League, Lie over, Lift bridge, Lightboard, Lighthouse, Link, Loo, Lookout, Loophole, Lottery, Lotto, Lump together, Marry, Marshal, Mass, Matrimony, Measure, Merge, Mobilize, Monte, Movement, Musical phrase, Musical sentence, Napoleon, Observation post, Observatory, Old maid, Ombre, Orchestra, Orchestra pit, Ornament, Outlook, Overarch, Overbridge, Overcrossing, Overhang, Overlap, Overlie, Overlook, Overpass, Override, Pair, Part, Pass over, Passage, Patience, Peanut gallery, Peephole, Penny ante, Performing area, Period, Periodontal tissue, Pharos, Phrase, Picquet, Piece together, Pit, Plate, Poker, Pontoon bridge, Proscenium, Proscenium stage, Put together, Put-and-take, Quadrille, Refrain, Resolution, Response, Reverse, Ringside, Ringside seat, Ritornello, Roll into one, Rope bridge, Rouge et noir, Rum, Rummy, Scroll, Section, Set of teeth, Seven-up, Shell, Shingle, Sighthole, Skat, Snipsnapsnorum, Solder, Solitaire, Soundboard, Span, Speculation, Splice, Stage, Stage left, Stage right, Stanza, Statement, Stepping-stone, Stepstone, Stick together, Straight poker, Strain, String, Stud poker, Suspension bridge, Swing bridge, Switchboard, Tailpiece, Take in, Tape, Teeth, Tenor violin, The boards, Thirty-one, Tie, Toll bridge, Top gallery, Tower, Traverse, Tuning peg, Tutti, Tutti passage, Twenty-one, Unify, Unite, Uppers and lowers, Variation, Verse, Viaduct, Vingt-et-un, Viola, Violin, Violinette, Violoncello, Violoncello piccolo, Violone, Violotta, Watchtower, Weld, Whist, Wings, Yoke, Span, Cross, Cross over, Go over, Pass over, Extend across, Reach across, Traverse, Arch over

How to use Bridge in a sentence?

  1. Ebony bridges and fingerboards.
  2. They write choruses and bridges and songs that last longer than a minute and a half.
  3. The internal harnesses comprise unlabeled black wires terminated at the bridge rectifiers and filter caps.
  4. A bridge across the river.
  5. I have been playing pool for almost 5 years and since I have started I have been using an open bridge.
  6. A temporary bridge can be made so that you cannot see the spaces between the remaining teeth.
  7. He pushed his spectacles further up the bridge of his nose.
  8. A covered walkway that bridged the gardens.
  9. Talbot stepped across the two gunwales and made his way up to the bridge.

Meaning of Bridge & Bridge Definition