Bricks and mortar

Bricks and mortar,

Definition of Bricks and mortar:

  1. Originally, a firms investment buildings housing its offices, warehouses, and other facilities. In the internet age, this term is used to differentiate the businesses which operate from built-up properties or storefronts from those which operate entirely (or almost entirely) from their websites.

  2. Buildings.

How to use Bricks and mortar in a sentence?

  1. While most people enjoy the convenience of online shopping, the customer survey results show that they still prefer to shop at a bricks and mortar store.
  2. While Mr. Gerrys mens clothing store had had a shop downtown Bangor for many years, Amazon had always eschewed the bricks and mortar concept in favor of a solely internet presence.
  3. David knows how inefficient it is to tie up your capital in bricks and mortar.
  4. The company had a successful website running, but their experience in a traditional bricks and mortar setting was not so good; the storefront lost money for its first three years running.

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