Brexit Treaty

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Brexit England has been separated from EUROPEAN UNION
On the eve of christmass the English government has surprised the world by its announcement of being separated from the European Union
What are its impact onthe world and on the Europe ? It is a major question being most discussed in last 24 hours let us have a look over the Brexit treaty
Although the brexit treaty costitute almost 1500 pages but its main points are
. From 1st January 2021 all extra taxes will be removed upon trade between England and European union.
.From now cargo will be strictly mo nitered
.English Govt has not given any clear policy about the trade and finance as majority of the Britain economy depends upon it
.All the professionals like doctors , teachers have to pass a test to prove their proficiency
.England nationals will need a visa in order to travel across Europe if they spend a time more than 90 days in Europe
.EU passports for pets willbe no more valid
.European union has become a independent coastal state and will give a permit to catch fishes in its territory However European Union can continue its fishing in English territory for almost 5 years with the help of regular meetings with English officials
.Education policy will run according to The Elon Turing scheme inspite of Erasmise scheme
.Students of northern Ireland can study under the Erasmic schem
.According to Boriss Johnson England will no more follw the Euoropean court of justice rules or dicisions
.England is no longer a part of Europole