Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover,

Breakdown Cover:

  • Meaning of Breakdown Cover: Policies that provide maintenance and repair services for drivers. Roadside assistance is traditionally provided by RAC and AA, but more recently insurance companies have offered car or bicycle insurance as well as damage assistance.

Literal Meanings of Breakdown Cover


Meanings of Breakdown:
  1. Mechanical failure.

  2. Relationship or system failure.

  3. Chemical or physical damage from something.

  4. A vibrant and vibrant American country dance.

Sentences of Breakdown
  1. Failure can completely stop production

  2. Discipline for violating military discipline

  3. Disruption of ammonia nitrate

Synonyms of Breakdown

falling through, breakdown, malfunction, break-up, division, collapse, seizing up, foundering, disintegration, failure, separation


Meanings of Cover:
  1. Put something in front of (something) or in front of it, especially to save or hide it.

  2. Scattered (one area)

  3. Cover (a title) by explaining or analyzing its key aspects or events.

  4. (Amount of money) will suffice (receipt or expenses)

  5. Hiding a sound or action (something) with another sound or action.

  6. To prevent someone (someone) from moving or fleeing at gunpoint.

  7. Record or play a new song (song) that was originally played by someone else.

  8. Coordinating with (male animals, especially horses) (female), especially in the context of commercial transactions between animal owners.

  9. Play one high card in one round.

Sentences of Cover
  1. The table is covered with a checkered tablecloth.

  2. 8 hectares of land

  3. A series of novels from 1968 to the present

  4. Subsidies are provided to cover the cost of roof insulation materials.

  5. Louise took a walk to hide her embarrassment

  6. He took up arms to cover Clift

  7. Another artist who hid the song is U2

  8. A hardworking Stalin who carried 40 Mars this season

Synonyms of Cover

muffle, be unbroken, smother, jacket, protection, envelope, range, wrapper, spread, unroll, stop something being overheard, offset, extend, unfold, casing, hide, pay for, balance, sleeve, place something over, cancel out, finance