Break Point

Break Point,

How To Define Break Point?

  • Where the loss class in the Prisoners or Risk Maintenance Group (RRG) varies as basic loss or excessive loss. For example, a typical stopping point for a large captive group could be $ 250,000. Losses above this level are considered excessive and losses below this level are considered primary. The ideal interval for each program should be determined by the individual characteristics of the program. There are no valid breakpoints.

  • The amount of dollars invested in a mutual fund is less than the selling price by the investor. This level can be achieved with a single purchase or a series of small purchases.

Literal Meanings of Break Point


Meanings of Break:
  1. A punch, blow or weight will crush or break it into pieces.

  2. Obstacles (continuity, direction or constant state)

  3. Non-compliance (law, regulation or agreement)

  4. Eliminate emotional strength, passion or resistance.

  5. (Weather) changes suddenly.

  6. (News or scandal) published suddenly.

  7. (Especially attacking players or teams or forces) moving or moving in a particular direction.

  8. Violation of continuity or uniformity.

  9. Take a break from work or during activities or events.

Sentences of Break
  1. The branch broke from the sharp branch

  2. The new government broke the growth model

  3. The prosecutor said he would take legal action against the retailer

  4. The idea is to make prisoners, not destroy them

  5. The time has come and thunder is shining in the dark sky

  6. I have received thousands of wonderful letters since the news broke

  7. The flight turned right and formed a defensive circle

  8. This magazine has been published continuously since 1950

  9. I need a break from mental activity

  10. Waiting for a traffic stop

  11. The broken valve was repaired

Synonyms of Break

foot in the door, disturb, fail to comply with, respite, undergo a change, interval, burst out, interrupt, metamorphose, opening, fissure, commit a breach of, smash to smithereens, hiatus, fail to observe, chance, lacuna, erupt, fragment, shatter, breathing space, violate, lapse of time, space, splinter, recess, shift


Meanings of Point:
  1. The tip of a tool, weapon or sharp object.

  2. A dot or other punctuation mark, especially a dot.

  3. A specific place, location or location in an area or on a map, object or surface.

  4. An item or description in a discussion, list, or extended text.

  5. Class or unit assessment (in sports and games).

  6. Each of the thirty-two directions is marked with the same distance around the compass.

  7. A narrow strip of land that is projected into a lake or ocean.

  8. The units for measuring character volume and distance are one-twelfth of a pc, or 0.351 mm (0.013835 in.) In the USA and the UK, and 0.376 mm (0.015 in.) In Europe.

  9. One of two areas in each area of ​​attack, directly inside the blue line that meets the board.

  10. Position in front of the field, usually occupied by the guard who prepares the team's defense.

  11. Every electrical contact line in the motor vehicle distributor.

  12. A small group led the soldiers' yard.

  13. The upper part of an animal, usually a horse or cat, has a semi-cat's face, legs and tail.

  14. A place that is a straight line.

  15. A marked ribbon or string used to tie a piece of clothing or underwear into a double piece of clothing.

  16. A small rope to tie a rock to the sail.

Sentences of Point
  1. Dagger point

  2. The footnote number should be made after the period at the end of the sentence.

  3. Turn left at the point where you see a sign for Apple Grove

  4. You overlooked a number of important points

  5. 13 of his team's last 19 points against Houston

  6. Parts of the house are arranged around it like bundles on a wind rose.

  7. The plane headed for the end

  8. Because monitors are displayed in different resolutions, speeds of 12 points on one screen can be closer to 14 points on another screen.

  9. Players with two points are usually defenders.

  10. The game's trademark owner, Karen Mela, is at 28 points.

  11. If the tip needs to be replaced, you will need to remove the handwheel.

Synonyms of Point

location, bluff, boundary, thing, locality, margin, site, idea, element, position, edge, head, peninsula, detail, argument, regard, foreland, piece of information, horn, consideration, factor, sharp end