Breadth Indicator

Breadth Indicator,

What is Breadth Indicator?

A simple definition of Breadth Indicator is: Latitude indicator is a mathematical formula that measures the number of shares and its volume and / or their volume to calculate the share in the price of the stock index. When looking at the rise or fall of stocks and the trading volume of those stocks, general indicators can help confirm price action in the stock index or alert you to price reversals.

  • Broad indicators don't usually provide trading signals on their own, but they do give a comprehensive picture of how healthy the index is.
  • As a rule, if the area indicator rises and the stock index rises, it indicates that there is a large proportion of the price increase. In other words, prices should continue to rise.
  • The same idea applies to low-length meters and low stocks.
  • If broad indicators and stock indexes are different, it could indicate a reversal. Very few stocks are moving towards the stock index. This means that the stock index can be adjusted according to changes in direction.

Literal Meanings of Breadth Indicator


Meanings of Breadth:
  1. The distance or width of an object.

Sentences of Breadth
  1. The boat is 27 feet wide

Synonyms of Breadth

thickness, width, wideness, broadness


Meanings of Indicator:
  1. Something, especially a trend or reality, that indicates the status or level of something.

  2. Pressure gauges or certain types of meters.

  3. Compounds that change color at a certain pH or in the presence of certain substances and can be used to monitor the progression of acidity, alcoholism or any reaction.

Sentences of Indicator
  1. Car ownership is often a sign of wealth.

  2. Speedometer

  3. Residual alkaloids are treated with phenolphthalein as an indicator against standard acids.

Synonyms of Indicator

measuring instrument, meter, gauge, sign, measure, signal, index, measuring device, mark, scale, display, barometer, dial