Is Waltman reliable like BP Earth Watch? ۔

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Mr. Waltman appears every Thursday on Pastor Paul Begley's show. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts many videos, mostly about comets. It also has a website that talks about Asun and tells me from what I've heard that it's dark, so to speak, even Ison hasn't survived unharmed. Looks like it's in pieces. And by saying this last video, NASA should lie to us at ISON.

And four people (employees?)

The swing is not visible here. I searched and found nothing in Mr. Walt Mans's references. Not even coordinated. And every time he's on Reverend Begley's show, no one questions him ... at least since I've heard.

The question I am asking is, is the Waltman like the BP Earthwatch real? If NASA lied to the public about ISON and the size of the comet's debris, wouldn't most astronomers in the world say so? I mean, it can't be hidden from the public for long. I have never heard anyone claim to be like Mr. Waltman.

Here is a link to Waltman's latest YouTube video:

Jesse Waltman.



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Yes, it is more reliable than most YouTube tools and is more accurate in terms of solar activity in terms of earthquakes and weather conditions. It has many links to solar related websites, USGS floor monitors, CERN and many other interesting websites. Kisses. Given this situation, which is now considered science, he applied the scientific method far beyond his observations, as many scientists would agree. What does this have to do with NASA's comparison or Paul Begley's appearance? You are not a boring man, but what happens if you talk about earthquakes or politics with someone you believe in?

I want to know the history and why listen to it? could not find it. I know he's with Begley, he looks like a swimmer, I don't see him. I wonder what his background is and why he knows what he claims. We need to listen to these people and find this information. Does anyone know that?

It is always good to hear different opinions so that we can decide our own truth. Presents information from a different angle and has some interesting insights. I advise you to pay attention to your insights.

Isn't NASA lying? Nor Obama ... you keep drinking the official bailout ... well, all conspiracy theorists are crazy, right? But we were right, according to the IRS scandal, the NSA spy, oh, and NASA, there is no radiant radiation on our SS, not everyone deserves the truth.

Jesse Whitman and BP Earthwatch represent eccentric fringes. NASA cannot lie to us because thousands of astronomers around the world follow them and know that their results are very reliable.

Once you know that YouTube channels can be monetized to cash in on the number of subscribers, you will soon know that this person is a stray rat. Many preachers are just trying to survive by selling snake oil.