Definition of Box:

  1. A separate section or enclosed area within a larger building, especially one reserved for a group of people in a theater or sports ground or for witnesses or the jury in a law court.

  2. A mailbox at a post office, newspaper office, or other facility where a person may arrange to receive correspondence.

  3. Packaging having closed rectangular or polygonal faces that completely enclose its contents.

  4. Put in or provide with a box.

  5. A container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.

  6. An area on a page that is to be filled in or that is set off by a border.

  7. A protective casing for a piece of a mechanism.

  8. A womans vagina.

Origin of word Box

Old English, via Latin from Greek puxos.

Synonyms of Box

Christmas present, Archives, Armory, Arsenal, Attic, Auditorium, Award, Bag, Balcony, Bank, Barrel, Basement, Basket, Battle, Bay, Bin, Birthday present, Blind alley, Blip, Blockhouse, Blow, Bonded warehouse, Bookcase, Booth, Bottle, Box in, Box seat, Box the ears, Box up, Brawl, Broil, Buffet, Bungalow, Bunker, Burden, Burial case, Buttery, Cabin, Caboose, Cadeau, Camp, Can, Capsule, Cargo dock, Carton, Case, Cask, Casket, Cavity, Cell, Cellar, Cellule, Chalet, Chamber, Chest, Chop, Circumscribe, Clash, Close, Closet, Clout, Coffin, Collide, Combat, Come to blows, Compartment, Confine, Conservatory, Contend, Contest, Corner, Cot, Cote, Cottage, Cramp, Crate, Crib, Crypt, Cuff, Cul-de-sac, Cupboard, Cut, Cut and thrust, Dead end, Dead-end street, Deadlock, Depository, Depot, Dock, Drawer, Dress circle, Duel, Dump, Embox, Embrace, Encapsulate, Encase, Enclosed space, Encyst, Enfold, Enshroud, Envelop, Enwrap, Exchange blows, Exchequer, Extremity, Fairing, Fauteuil, Fence, Feud, Fight, Fight a duel, Fill, Fix, Flap, Freight, Gallery, Gift, Give and take, Give satisfaction, Glory hole, Godown, Grapple, Grapple with, Halt, Hamper, Handsel, Haymaker, Heap, Heap up, Hem, Hem in, Hold, Hole, Hollow, Hutch, Impasse, Invest, Jam, Jar, Jostle, Joust, Keep from spreading, Keep within bounds, Kist, Lade, Lap, Lash, Library, Limit, Load, Localize, Locker, Lodge, Log cabin, Loge, Love nest, Lumber room, Lumberyard, Magasin, Magazine, Manger, Mass, Mix it up, Mummy case, Narrow, Nigger heaven, Oblation, Offering, Orchestra, Orchestra circle, Pack, Pack away, Package, Paradise, Parcel, Parquet, Parquet circle, Parterre, Paste, Peace offering, Peanut gallery, Pew, Pickle, Pied-a-terre, Pile, Pit, Plight, Pocket, Pot, Present, Presentation, Proscenium boxes, Punch, Qualify, Quarrel, Rack, Rassle, Repertory, Repository, Reservoir, Restrict, Rick, Riot, Run a tilt, Sack, Sarcophagus, Scramble, Scrape, Scuffle, Shack, Shanty, Sheathe, Shelf, Ship, Shroud, Skirmish, Slap, Slap the face, Smack, Smother, Snuggery, Sock, Spank, Spar, Spot, Stack, Stack room, Stalemate, Stall, Stand, Standing room, Standstill, Stint, Stock room, Stop, Storage, Store, Storehouse, Storeroom, Stow, Strike, Stripe, Strive, Struggle, Supply base, Supply depot, Surround, Swaddle, Swathe, Tank, Theatre stall, Thrust and parry, Tighten, Tilt, Tin, Token punishment, Tourney, Treasure house, Treasure room, Treasury, Tribute, Tussle, Vat, Vault, Wage war, War, Warehouse, Whack, Whip, White elephant, Whomp, Wine cellar, Wrap, Wrap about, Wrap up, Wrestle, Carton, Pack, Packet, Package, Package, Pack, Parcel, Wrap, Bundle, Bale, Crate

How to use Box in a sentence?

  1. A cereal box.
  2. Each piece is boxed with a certificate of authenticity.
  3. A picture of Sandy was in the upper right-hand box.
  4. In the second variation, a switch loop, only one cable enters the box.
  5. A box at the opera.

Meaning of Box & Box Definition

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What is The Meaning of Box?

  • Meaning of Box:

    The business at Lloyds is done by subscribing to the fund, with the customer sitting at their desk.

Meanings of Box

  1. Install or provide boxes.

  2. Containers with flat bottom and side walls with a lid, usually square or rectangular.

  3. Fill or close the page area with a frame

  4. A separate section or enclosed space inside a large building, especially for a group of people in a theater or playground, or for witnesses or jurors in the Supreme Court.

  5. Protective cover for device party.

  6. A mailbox at the post office, newspaper or other place where you can start receiving mail

  7. Girl's vagina.

  8. Fight your opponents with your fists during boxing matches.

  9. Hitting someone on the head with your hand as punishment or anger.

  10. Evergreen tree with small, slow-growing European shrubs or shiny dark green leaves. It is often cultivated as a hedge and as a terrier. Hard and heavy boxwood was widely used for recording and musical instruments.

  11. Any tree whose wood or leaves resemble boxwood.

Sentences of Box

  1. Each piece has a certificate of authenticity

  2. Cyrillic box

  3. Sandy's picture is in the upper right frame.

  4. A box in the opera

  5. The other variant, with loop switching, goes into just one cable box.

  6. Boxing for England

  7. Ordinary sieve boxwood in a simple terracotta vase shows better taste.

  8. He passed through the woods, "in front of the great wooden temple", then on page 124, where he sat "practically first, the stump."

Synonyms of Box

trunk , bang, crack, knock, wallop, receptacle , coffer , case , fist, thwack, carton , portmanteau , package , bin , hook, thump, jab, crate , chest , casket


What is The Definition of Box?

  1. Box refers to

    Business at Lloyds takes place in subscription funds, where the subscriber sits at his desk.

Meanings of Box

  1. A container with flat bottoms and sides, usually square or rectangular, and with a lid.

  2. Parts of the page that are filled out or printed separately.

  3. A group of people in a theater or sports field or a separate area or enclosure for witnesses or judges in court.

  4. Protective cover for party equipment.

  5. Facilities to get answers to advertisements in newspaper offices.

  6. Place or supply box.

  7. Fight your opponents with your fists to take part in boxing.

  8. A slap on the head

  9. A slow-growing perennial European shrub or small shrub with bright, dark green leaves. Often used in fencing and tapering cut, it produces hard, heavy wood.

  10. Any of the many trees whose wood or plants resemble boxwood.

Sentences of Box

  1. Check the box on the coupon.

  2. Royal house

  3. The second type, with loop switching, only goes into a cable box.

  4. Email me at Inbox 112.

  5. Each piece is filled with a certificate of authenticity.

  6. English box.

  7. He slapped her in the face.

Synonyms of Box

canteen, put away, bust, reservatory, canister, drum, container, slug, skelp, quilt, ■■■■, vessel, whop, biff, belt, plug, slosh, engage in fisticuffs, boff, whale, bop, holder, dot


What is The Definition of Box?

  • Business at Lloyds is underwriting with the insurer at your desk.

Meanings of Box

  1. Container with flat bottom and sides, usually square or rectangular, and with lid.

  2. Parts of the page that should be filled in or have separate impressions.

  3. A separate area or enclosure for a group of people in a theater or playground or for witnesses or judges in court.

  4. Fight your opponents with your fists to participate in boxing.

  5. Slap someone on the head

  6. A slow-growing perennial European shrub or small tree with small, shiny, dark green leaves. Often used for fencing and cutting caps, it produces hard, heavy wood.

  7. Any of the many trees whose wood or leaves resemble boxwood.

Sentences of Box

  1. Royal box

  2. Send me an email in box 112.

  3. Each piece is packed with a certificate of authenticity

Synonyms of Box