Box end wrench

Box end wrench

What is the purpose of a box end wrench? Ring spanners, also known as ring spanners, are used to tighten and loosen bolts or nuts in areas of limited movement. The ends of the socket wrench have a housing that slides over the clamp for gripping and turning.

What is another name for a box end wrench?

Thesaurus for wrench in the free thesaurus. The boxing key is anonymous. 77 Major Synonyms: Twist, Force, Pull, Break, Break, Shake, Shake, Break, Twist, Break, Stretch, Pull, Shake, Warp, Twist, Pull, Break, Shake, Shake, Shake, Deformation.

What is an open ended box wrench?

OpenEnd and BoxEnd key. Each key has an open end and a box-shaped end. Also called blade key or blade key in the UK. The end of the box can have 6 or 12 points. The open end is also known as an open end wrench and the box is also known as a ring wrench.

What is the function of box wrench?

Socket wrench A slot into which something (tube, probe, or bone end) is inserted. Wrench, spanner, hand tool used to hold or turn a nut or bolt. Based on WordNet, Farlex Clipart Collection.

box end wrench