Definition of Bound:

  1. Run or run fast.

  2. Of course, a skilled newcomer with many promising qualities is bound to fail.

  3. A state of coercion or oppression. For example, many commercial software programs have requirements that users agree to before using the program. See also link.

  4. Upward movement

Phonetic Pronunciation of Bound


Origin of word Bound

Middle English boun (in the sense ‘ready, dressed’), from Old Norse búinn, past participle of búa ‘get ready’; the final -d is euphonic, or influenced by bound.

Synonyms of Bound

Circle in, Backlash, Cutoff, Allied, Pen, Corralled, Limit, Mete, Extremity, Start up, Conclusive, Wholehearted, Manacled, Start aside, Blocked, And jump, Clogged, Sworn, Closed-in, Railed, Jump, Enshrine, Univocal, Kick back, In bonds, Curvet, Knotted, Morris, Hightail, Rail in, Likely, Shrine, Rim, Restrain, Incorporated, Shut in, Spring, Determinant, Plighted, Cramped, Engaged, Fence in, Bracketed, Caged, Ricochet, Cordon off, Perfectly sure, Sincere, Pounce, Determinate, Upleap, Shut-in, Prescribed, Certain, Fly back, Necessary, Hemmed, Gathered, Copyright, Kickback, Repulse, Involved, Step lively, Positive, Beset, Cooped, Division line, Step along, Pen in, Cloistered, True, Qualified, Imprisoned, Fixed, Jump shot, Side, List, Jammed, Overjump, Repercuss, Dedicated, End, Predestined, Bound and determined, Set off, Secured, Break boundary, Barred, Target date, Leap, Limits, Fast, Hotfoot, Paled, Marge, Stake out, Hedged, Decisive, Predetermined, Determine, Compromised, Lower limit, Resile, Unmistakable, Register, Confine, Encircle, Boundary line, Forced, Leaguer, Affiliate, Parallel, Mark boundaries, Specialize, Conditioned, Assured, Beleaguered, Tethered, Implicated, Running broad jump, Hampered, Marginate, Persistent, Narrow, In chains, Skip, Determined, Constrained, Committed, Gallop, Strait, Purfle, Interlinked, Absolute, Resolute, Fettered, Affiliated, Merged, Buck, Stopped, Confined, Lap, Cordoned off, Conjoined, Choked, Patent, Chamber, Cordoned, Lash back, Vault, Unambiguous, Pounce on, Upper limit, Kennel, Lop, Bounce back, Bounce, Hop, Choked up, Contrecoup, Backfire, Pledged, Strapped, Discipline, Leaguered, Step, Headed, Decided, Straitened, Wrap, Required, Fenced, Hop, Sure-enough, Starting point, Frolic, Sprint, Have repercussions, Qualify, Recoil, Ineluctable, Time allotment, Jail, Pounce upon, Highland fling, Incarcerate, Single-minded, Capriole, House in, Stuffed up, Obligate, Coop up, Correlated, Updive, Leap over, Borders, Kick, Yard up, Hedge in, Jump, Mark the periphery, Overskip, Associate, Finish, Carom, Hem, Scheduled, Coop in, Terminal date, Hedge about, Jump over, Beholden, Hem in, Twinned, Leapfrog, Obliged, Jailed, Broad jump, Connected, Warranted, Rebound, Resilience, Obstructed, Trip, Boundary condition, Boomerang, Guaranteed, Bounded, Lavolta, Copyrighted, Running high jump, Separate, Gambol, Verge, Overleap, Trim, Enframe, Saddled, Mark off, Restrained, Canter, Serious, Pole vault, Enclose, Wedded, Close in, In irons, Recalcitration, Beholden to, Handcuffed, Besiege, Obstinate, Delimitate, Jump, Finite, Confines, Line, Hedge, Saut de basque, Moderate, Earnest, Skirt, Rebuff, Fouled, Betrothed, Apprenticed, Quarantine, Line of demarcation, Border, Circumscription, Scant, Extent, Backlashing, Unequivocal, Banded together, Articled, Pocket, Hurdle, Frame, Wed, Leap, Full, Demarcate, Interface, Lay off, Collected, Blockaded, Foul, Promised, Shut up, Of that kind, Compelled, Definite, Enclosed, Threshold, Margin, Copulate, Undivided, Coop, Grand jete, Hurdle, Mewed, Restrict, Bounden, Limited, Indebted to, Spring, Indentured, Obligated, Matched, Floor, Leap, Term, Intimate, Vault, Measure, Inevitable, Hippety-hop, Linked, Obstipated, Bourn, Yard, Define, Cannon off, Set the limit, Start, Boundary, Edge, Congested, Recalcitrate, Get, Demivolt, Costive, Tied down, Steeplechase, Integrated, Specify, Gelandesprung, Cribbed, Infarcted, Immured, Terminus, Shackled, Circumscribe, Make tracks, Mark, Lope, Repercussion, Cutoff point, Obliged to, Border line, Cannon, Walled, Run, Tour jete, Stable, Fringe, Spring back, Draw the line, Bounce, Upspring, Include, Straiten, Jump turn, Condition, Of that ilk, Mated, Destined, Adjoin, Jump-hop, Hand-in-hand, Precincts, Imprison, Enslaved, Bind, Stopped up, Hop, Tenacious, Penned, Persevering, Stuffed, Clogged up, Bounds, Related, Conjugate, Long jump, Plugged up, Encompass, Constipated, Assembled, Trot, Mew, Contain, Moderated, Under obligation, Associated, Mew up, Limitation, Directed, Impound, Purposeful, In duty bound, Clear and distinct, Coupled, Doomed, Plugged, Tied, Buckjump, Purlieus, Contracted, Befringe, Snap back, Negotiate, Romp, Bounden to, Apodictic, Flying jump, Relentless, Paired, Frontier, Ceiling, Devoted, Trammeled, Divide, Hurdle, Fated, Yoked, Ironbound, Low-water mark, Cage, Incarcerated, United, Cabined, Fix, Delimitation, Fox-trot, Compass, Disciplined, Pent-up, Jete, Interlocked, Jig, Stint, Limen, Galliard, Booked, Blockade, Hand-in-glove, High jump, Ski jump, Starting line, Jump-off, Clear as day, Walled-in, Spliced, Proscribed, Packed, Affianced, High-water mark, Bound back, Leagued, Besieged, Rope off, Beleaguer, Purl, Vault, Surround, Collateral, Patented, Restricted, Wall in, Intended, Quarantined, Hop along, Tied up, Caper, Underwritten, Handspring, Delimit, Clear, Duty-bound, March, Breakoff point, Limiting factor, Cordon, Spring, Interrelated, Sure, Resolved, Fastened, Deadline, Mark out, Git, Joined, Bounce, Box in, Corral

How to use Bound in a sentence?

  1. I can easily climb stairs in two steps.
  2. Louis went down the stairs.

Meaning of Bound & Bound Definition